Gemini's Kittens 2010


Tarjjika Midnight Zodiak 74b (chocolate)


14 December 2010
Second generation tonkinese

Gem has successfully given birth to four lovely kittens, two male and two female. All are growing well and Gem has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. It is too early to confirm colours, but they are expected to be chocolate and possibly lilac.

Those marked with a star by the photo are spoken for.

The Males


The Females


IMG_2244.JPG Kittens at 1 day old Feeding time at one week old.JPG Feeding time at one week old Gem and kittens at one week old.JPG Gem and kittens at one week old Gems kittens at one week old.JPG Gems kittens at one week old IMG_2244.JPG Gem and Kittens at one week IMG_2360.JPG Two weeks IMG_2369.JPG Chocolate female at two weeks IMG_2375.JPG Kittens two weeks IMG_2409.JPG Gem and Kittens at three Weeks IMG_2521.JPG Gem & Kittens at 6 Weeks IMG_2647.jpg Aurora IMG_2655.JPG Capella IMG_2670.JPG Ara IMG_2674.JPG Anezka IMG_2677.JPG 10 Weeks old IMG_2682.JPG 11 weeks - Ara IMG_2714.JPG 12 weeks IMG_2720.jpg 14 weeks - Capella and Anezka IMG_2723.JPG 14 weeks - Ara IMG_2739.jpg 14 weeks - Anezka IMG_2670.JPG Ara IMG_2682.JPG 11 weeks - Ara IMG_2723.JPG 14 weeks - Ara IMG_3014.jpg Five Star Accommodation! IMG_3020.jpg Ara at 23 weeks IMG_3023.JPG Carina Ara and Aurora