Donna's kittens 2019


Marajade Filius Flitwick (SIA n)


6th May 2019

The Males

Juba (SIA a 21)
Rigell (SIA a)*
Kahoku (SIA n)*
* = Adopted

The Females

Urania (SIA b 21)*
Esteri (SIA n)*
Essie (SIA n)*


Donna is a real star although this time she chose the very early hours of the morning in which to give birth. The first one took its time but once she got going it was like shelling peas and all were born in just over the hour. She is a natural mum, taking care of each one as they arrived. Her daughter "Zona" from last years litter so wanted to be involved and is very caring towards the kittens but is not allowed to stay in with them. I am hoping that we may have a tabby in this litter which will be predominantly Seal and maybe an odd Blue Point.