Darkstar's kittens 2017


Chintziam Sialaxys Galileo


23rd May 2017

The Males

Hoshimi - Blue Pt (Adopted)
Jayant - Blue Point (Adopted)
Pollux - Blue Point (Adopted)
Rigel - Blue Point (Adopted)
Castor - Lilac Point (Adopted)

The Females

Danica - Blue Point (Adopted)


One day over the year and Darkstar has produced her second litter; a much more manageable number than first time round. Six lovely kittens all delivered without a murmur or fuss. Darkstar is such a super queen, however she does not like any other cats to be anywhere near and I often have to put card over the lower parts of the glass doors. These kittens are also "Leo" first litter and all look lovely and strong and of even size. All four colours are possible so we shall just have to wait and see.