Darkstar & Alexi kittens 2016


Sandypoints Sir Alexi (24b)


22 May 2016

The Males

Shootingstar (24) - Adopted
Catcha Fallngstar (24b) - Adopted
Brightstar (24b) - Adopted

The Females

Stargazer (24) - Adopted
Stardust (24) - Adopted
Star-Shadow (24b) - Adopted
Starmist (24) - Adopted
Starlight (24) - Adopted
Starlit (24) - Adopted


Darkstar has been very relaxed through the whole of her pregnancy. She would sprawl out on the mats taking the weight of her paws as she had such a large tummy. On Saturday afternoon she produced one kitten having shown no signs of being in labour. She settled very happily with this one female and showed no signs of continuing. I stayed up with her until the early hours of Sunday but no more arrived. At around 10am Sunday morning she finally decided to get on with the job and proceeded to pop out babies at regular intervals until her final family had reached nine. No assistance was required she had the whole experience completely under control, dealing with each new arrival immediately. She is coping very well with this large family.

Darkstar has done the most fantastic job of raising these kittens, which she did entirely on her own, no mean fete for a first time mum. The kittens are all super friendly, confident and happy individuals, they have been a real joy to have in the house. I am really going to miss them but am sure 'mum' could do with a break. I hope all adoptees gain as much pleasure as myself from these lovely felines.