Columbae's Kittens 2018


Tonkyway Dark Tenousei (TOS n 32)


4th October 2018

The Males

Astro (Adopted)
Jiemba (Adopted)
Starbuck (Adopted)

The Females

Daw (Adopted)
Citali (Adopted)
Halo (Adopted)
Kulani (Retained)


Columbae is such a relaxed girl. She certainly kept me waiting for these kittens and then promptly went into labour and delivered half of them in a quiet moment when I was busy. The next four arrived at regular intervals without any fuss. She is a lovely quiet relaxed mum and the kittens are large and strong. These will be her final litter as Columbae is being retired, I am planning on keeping a kitten to continue the line.