Columbae's Kittens 2016


Chataya Titan Milkyway


22 July 2016

This second time round Columbae carried off her pregnancy with ease and in a very "chilled out" manner. She was extremely large and I knew she would have a large litter. Sensible and considerate girl she waited until the weather had cooled a little and it was not too early in the morning before she went into labour. A long labour with reasonable rests between kittens, the only problem arising with the sixth kitten which was stillborn, once he was delivered the next four came fairly rapidly. First indications are that there are four of each sex. All kittens feeding well and are a very contented bunch.

All kittens now adopted and very happy in their new homes. Asterodea has gone to a new breeder and will also be shown so watch out for news of her success.

The Males

Tariq (Blue TCR) - Adopted
Sigma (Blue TCR) - Adopted
Isarre (Brown TCR) - Adopted
Alzubra (Brown TCR) - Adopted

The Females

Estrela (Blue TCR) - Adopted
Roksana (Brown TCR) - Adopted
Estralita (Brown CPP) - Adopted
Asterodea (Brown CPP) - Adopted