Aurora's Kittens 2012




7 June 2012

The Males

Herculis - 74bt Chocolate Tabby
Centauri - 74bt Chocolate Tabby
Leonis - 74bt Chocolate Tabby

The Females

Andromeda - chocolate point - 74bv
Phoenix - Brown - 74
Lyncis - 74bt Chocolate Tabby

Aurora gave birth in her kitten box neatly and quickly with little fuss. Once she started she just popped them out at regular intervals and all was finished in just over an hour. She has six lovely babies three of each sex and as far as I can tell four are tabbies. I think it will be difficult for me to see if they are pointed or mink coat pattern and whether they are brown, caramel or chocolate tabbies. All are eating and developing well; Aurora being a diligent mum. At two weeks they are already looking out at the big wide world. These kittens will be looking to create havoc in households from mid August.