Andromeda's kittens 2019


Wicca Starman (SIA c)


10th March 2019


Andromeda (Andi) had a bit of a tough time poor girl. She went into labour just after midnight and the first kitten took quite a while to make an appearance, the next four followed in fairly quick succession taking only an hour, she then had a little rest before producing No 6 an hour later. There was a number seven but unfortunately he did not make it and died in the womb so unfortunately a trip to the vet was necessary and after all that hard work she had a c-section to remove the dead kitten. Throughout the whole process she remained very friendly and loving, sometimes difficult when they are in a lot of pain. She is taking care of her kittens like a pro, all are hungry and active kittens so I dont think she will get too much peace and quiet.