The basic dynamics of the feline digestive system is made for a meat-eating hunter. In other words, cats are carnivores. That means that their digestive system is designed for quick processing of a high protein diet. A cat's mouth construction means that a cat tears or bites at its food. Swallowing it quickly allowing the salivary juices virtually no time for the preliminary breakdown of starchy food and carbohydrates into the blood sugars. Any starches/carbohydrates present in a cats diet is of little nutritional value. The feline's gastric juices are more powerful than those of a human. In fact, they are strong enough to soften bones. Cats are able to swallow large chunks of prey inducing feathers, hair and bones that are not broken down in the stomach to be regurgitated. In the stomach, the protein is broken down into amino acids, these amino acids combine to form the building blocks necessary for replacement of cells throughout the cats body.


Sharp teeth designed to shear and tear prey

No amylase in their saliva since they do not tend to eat high carbohydrate diets naturally

Little starch processing enzymes in their pancreas since, again, they do not have carbohydrate processing capacities

Taste buds - no "sweet tooth" like people and dogs.

Short length of gut and fast transit time means little weight in the guts for an active predator.

Liver does not tend to store carbohydrates, and tends to become fatty if the normal dietary intake is disturbed.

Metabolism control is mostly controlled by protein intake since their pancreas uses acid triggers for insulin release, not glucose as with people and dogs.

Cats have an amazing sense of smell that only allows them to choose only the best and the "super fresh" food.


Using only Grade 1 Fresh or Frozen (defrosted in the fridge) Chicken, Turkey, Game birds, Rabbit including bone

1 Kg Meat

Heart & Gizzard

200g chicken liver

half tsp taurine (2000mg)

150ml water

2 egg yolks

2 x 1000mg Salmon Oil capsules

2 x 50mg Vit B complex capsules/tablets

1 x 400mg Vit E capsule

If using meat without bones your will also need to add:

1 tblsp unflavored Gelatin

100g bonemeal

I strongly recommend that you continue to feed this raw meat diet to your kitten and also change any other cats in your household onto it. Try to reduce and eliminate the feeding of kibble/processed food so that your special feline friend will live a long and healthy life.

Cats are obligatory carnivores. They require nutrients found in meat for mandatory survival. A cats metabolism is perfectly equipped to digest meat in a two hour period. Their system is designed to extract proteins and nutrients from meat in its raw state. And, since cats are unable to break down complex carbohydrates, the practice of feeding your cat carbohydrate, which they cannot utilize, may lead to many feline health problems such as:

Teeth & Gum disease (Tartar control)

Inflammatory bowel Disease



Urinary Tract Disease

Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty liver disease)

Allergies and Feline Asthma

A raw meat diet can correct all of the problems that are caused by commercial kibble foods. A low protein diet causes cats to break down their own muscle quicker than carnivores do without protein, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Cats require an essential fatty acid called arachidonic acid, which is found only in animal protein fat. Cats cannot manufacture this for themselves. Recent studies have shown that processed foods (kibble and canned foods) are a contributing factor in increasing number of pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease. I have personally seen a greater improvement in overall health and size of my kittens since implementing a raw meat diet. Kittens/Cats fur is much softer, shiner, they have more energy, and their bodies and muscle tone feel sufficiently firmer. Queens are healthy, strong, and robust and continue to have excellent body composition. They maintain steady weight gain throughout pregnancy, producing more lactation than seen in previous pregnancies, with no weight loss during and after the nursing period. Cats waste is almost odorless. A cats system is designed to extract proteins and nutrients from meat in its raw state. Cats are unable to break down complex carbohydrate. Therefore the practices of feeding your cat carbohydrates can potentially only lead to Feline Health problems.

See my links page for more information on where to buy in raw food and also research cat nutrition.