Ch. STONEARCH SHOGUN HARRY (IMP) - Lilac Point Siamese (CS888672)


7 Sept 2011


Archenland Daphne of Stonearch - Seal Point Siamese


Luv-Sun Shoguns Dutch Apple - Seal Point Siamese


Harry arrived in the UK in March of this year after travelling over from Denver. He was bred by Nancy Day and owned by Diane Swabby-Cahill. Harry is co-owned now by Cynthia Hopper (Wiccacats) and myself and we hope that he will prove to be a valuable addition to our catteries. We would like to thank Lynn Tennison as well as Nancy & Diane for all their help in organising Harry's move to the UK. At the moment Harry is relaxing and getting used to his new home where he has the freedom to explore the garden on a daily basis.

Harry is a lovely big boy who was shown in TICA as a Thai when he was younger but has not been on the show bench since. He is currently residing in Kent with Cynthia but will be available to tested and approved girls from this summer. As he is a PRA carrier all Queens must be PRA normal.