Future Rehoming

Below are cats that will be looking for new homes and willing slaves from 2016. If you think you may be interested in any please contact me to make an appointment to meet.

For me, the rehoming of any of my cats is very difficult and the process can take a considerable amount of time to ensure that my cats are placed in the right home for both parties. I would love to be able to keep them all but in order to continue to breed it is inevitable that I have to part with some of them. In addition I feel they deserve their own "slaves" to wait on them paw and paw.

MARAJADE FILIUS FLITWICK Siamese Seal Point - dob:2 June 2012

Flint - bred by Margaret Lindgren, is a large gentle boy but rather shy. I am considering retiring him early in favour of a kitten carrying his bloodlines. This will not be until late 2017. As is normal with retired stud boys he would require a home where there are no other male cats and ideally with a secure garden. Flint is a rather shy boy but also very gentle and loving.

SHEKOA LILAC CHARMER Lilac Point Siamese - dob 12 July 2010

Pet name "Magic". Magic has been and still is a fantastic stud boy who has sired many kittens, he is a popular boy with the ladies, but as I now have his bloodline in most of my breeding females it is time to think about him having a pet life. Magic is, like a lot of stud boys, a little on the shy side with strangers and of course he has not lived in a house since he was 8 months old so he is looking for a quiet home, with experienced Siamese slaves who will have the patience that will be required for him to make these life-changing adjustments. Magic is very affectionate once he knows you, he loves his tummy rubbed, he is not a fussy eater but certainly has a Siamese voice. Magic would probably be happiest in a home where there were no other male cats but am sure he would be fine with a female. Please contact me if you think you may be interested.

TONKYWAY PANDORA Brown Tonkinese - dob 02 May 2014

Pandora is a real character who has always behaved like a naughty kitten. She is very inquisitive and bold, nothing seems to faze her. She is a lovely large dark brown girl with the most gorgeous aqua eyes and is very talkative. She loves her food and is the easiest of cats to care for so long as you want to 'play' all day. At the moment she still has kittens with her but once they are ready to leave for pastures new Pandora will go in for spaying.