Kittens For Adoption

Anyone interested in adopting one of my kittens is advised to contact me if you are considering adoption. Please note I am unable to reserve kittens to new adoptees until a visit has been made. The Traditional Siamese are not easy to obtain and you should allow up to six months to be successful. Recently a number of Tonkinese breeders have retired so there is also a shortage of Tonkinese. I will always try and help you to locate a kitten if I myself cannot fulfil your requirements.

Kittens over the age of six weeks that have not been Reserved are listed below. They are available to approved loving homes, please contact me if you would like to adopt.


Chaska & Tenousei's kittens: Born 27 July 2018 - four Kittens.
One Chocolate CPP Male; One Brown CPP Female
Ready Now!



Xiao & Galileo kittens: Seven born 10th March 2018;
One Chocolate Point boy, now neutered.
This kitten is Ready Now!

Ksora & Flint kittens: Five kittens born 16 March 2018
One Seal Point neutered male; One Seal Tabby spayed female.
These kittens are Ready Now!

Donna & Starman Kittens: Four born 16th May 2018:
One Lilac Point boy; Two Lilac Point females; One Chocolate Point female.
These kittens are Ready Now!