MARAJADE FILIUS FLITWICK (Flint) - Seal Point Siamese. PRA negative


2 June 2012


Marajade Meiling (24)


Sudukimi Shainfar (24a)

Flint joined our merry band of felines in November having come from the North of England. Bred by Margaret Lindgren (Marajade), he is a welcome addition to our family and I hope that he will become a proud dad in 2013. He is a lovely big seal boy with deep blue eyes and a very affectionate & loving nature, he is a real credit to his breeder. His full sister has gone abroad as a breeding queen, so hopefully in the future we will see offspring from these two on the TICA show bench.

Flint has settled in very well, but then who wouldn't when they are surrounded by beautiful girls, he will continue to stay in the house until ready to go into his stud accommodation

Flint is now well established in his stud quarters and has already fathered several litters of kittens. He is still rather a shy boy with humans but loves the girls; he is gentle and considerate.