I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

December 2019Posted by Michael & Julie, Weston-Super-Mare

Sialaxy Cira (Arnica & Starman litter 2019)

I thought you would like to know of the progress of domestication at our home. So far the two humans you gave me have provided lots of amusement. I also found I have a dog as a pet. She thinks I am a sheep with claws and tries to herd me to one end of the living room. So far I have killed a fascinator you gave us, noshed through chicken wings and turkey. Very nice. I have decided to adopt Mike as he tickles my tummy and is not frightened when I 'attack' him as he tries to write emails to you.

In brief I have settled in beautifully, I will soon have my three new pets totally under my control.

November 2019Posted by Margaret - Liss, Lints

Tonkyway's Starts & Asteria (Coco) (Zohreh & Comete Feb 2019 litter)

I hope are you are well and that your hand injury is better.

As you can see the kittens are doing very well and are great fun, they are both very naughty , curtain climbing and other things.

They love to sleep in our shower room , I think it must remind them of where they were born !

We are so pleased with them, they are a source of amusement every day, thank you again.

Best wishes Margaret

November 2019Posted by Joan - St.Bees, Cumbria

Tonkyway's Maera (Coco) & Zoria (Lilibert) - (Chaska July 2019 litter)

Kittens are settling nicely. Coco, the Chocolate point is quite shy but enjoys attention when she's sleepy. Lilibert, her sister is very outgoing and loving.

Here they are, growing fast and eating everything. They love to run throughout the house, play with all the toys and have endless fun together. It's lovely to see their personalities develop, they are certainly very bright and inquisitive.

November 2019Posted by Michelle - Wincanton, Somerset

Sialaxy's Shen & Qing (Mei & Flint 2019 litter)

Thought you might like to see a pic of the kittens at 8 & a half months. The boy is a solid chap & the girl is catching up slowly despite eating twice as much as him! They are gorgeous cats - very affectionate & of course full of mischief! They love the great outdoors but don't seem to venture too far especially now the weather is turning colder.

October 2019Posted by Stephen - Oswestry

Tonkyway My Zohreh & her son Puck (born Feb 2019)

As you can see, Zohreh is still in touch with her inner kitten. I was somewhat alarmed yesterday when I saw her scale the curtains, quickly reaching the top. Having done so she appeared to look around wondering “why did I need to be up here.” So, there followed a rapid dismount during which operation she managed to disconnect our home phone. Puck also loves climbing and leaping up to see through windows. Our plans to buy new curtains have been put on hold!

October 2019Posted by Charmaine - Weston-Super-Mare

Sialaxy Jayvyn (Sammy) (Lucy & Leo litter 2017)

I haven't been very good at keeping you informed about Sam. Unfortunately, the past 18 months have been a bit difficult due to my husband's failing health which means much of my time is taken up with his care.

Sam has just had his second birthday and he is the most beautiful, clever and handsome cat. He loves everyone and especially my son who adores him. As soon as Richard appears the rest of us are abandoned! He gets on well with Ollie, the dog and they share the dog's bed. When Ollie is outside Sam gets very agitated and sits by the door until Ollie returns to be let in. Sam yowls and runs to fetch someone to open the door, he seems to know exactly when the dog is ready to come back in. He has been the most wonderful company and I can't imagine life without him now.

I hope all is well with you and your cat family. I would love to have another of your cats, but have enough on my plate at present, maybe sometime in the future. These aren't great pictures, but I hope you can see he has become a very handsome boy.

September 2019Posted by Sara of Mortimer

Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) & Abalendu (Milo) (Pandora litter 2015)

Hope you are well.

Attached a couple of photos of Monty (Kalypso) and Milo (Abalendu) from Pandora's first litter.

They have just celebrated their fourth birthday!

As you can see they are best of friends and Cassie now 16 is part of the trio if a bit stiff in her joints.

They continue to give us huge pleasure and entertainment, even if they do monopolise the seats!

September 2019Posted by Lorna of Bracknell

Tonkyway Daw (Elodie) (Columbae & Tenousei litter 2018

Just thought I'd send you a photo of our beautiful girl as we approach her 1st bday.. she is so loving and such a happy little thing... we had a close shave last month and she ended up having emergency surgery after becoming ill, it never occurred to me that cats chewed and ate things, after a week of investigations they discovered she had something that perforated her intestine and had to have part of it removed along with part of her pancreas but she has fully recovered, thank god, apart from her shaved belly and bits on her front paws you would never know.. the nurses and vets fell in love with her and couldn't believe she had been that upbeat whilst suffering to that extent, the string they pulled out, I believe had been there a few months as she had been playing with the stringy buttons under my mattress months ago but the hairband was just too much for her little body.. I am keeping a very close eye on what she likes to chew now other than that she is perfect, she goes out in the garden on her little lead and loves teasing the dogs.. We cannot imagine the house without her now..

September 2019Posted by Stephen of Oswestry

GR.CH.Tonkyway My Zohreh (Retired) & son Puck (2019 litter)

I hope you are well and recovering from your injury? I have been meaning to drop you a line and send you a few photos of Zohreh and Puck.

The cats have settled in well to life here in Llangynog. Puck was neutered back on Friday 2nd August. Then we had numerous visits to the vet with Toby, our beloved Border Terrier culminating, unfortunately, with us having to take the painful decision to have him put to sleep on August Bank Holiday.

Up until then Zohreh had always treated him with some caution and, for the most part, stayed upstairs. Whereas Puck always wanted to get him to play with him. The dynamic changed almost overnight following his death and both are now ever present, whether sleeping on our bed (and forcing me out of it!) or downstairs with us and always interested in what we're doing. Zohreh, it seems, especially likes watching television. Puck is turning into a really smashing little fellow, very friendly if reluctant to be picked up! He remains determined to suckle from Zohreh, although she is becoming more and more resistant to this.

They have both wormed their way into our hearts and become much loved part of the family. Thank you.

September 2019Posted by Julian - E.Sussex

Tonkyways' Estela (Mina) Suhail (Elgar) - (Sitara litter 2018) &Etoile (Windflower); Aarksh (Marco) - (Zohreh litter 2018)

1st September Update

Elgar, Mina, Windflower & Marco all enjoying themselves as they are now fully grown.

Windflower is very much the one with a very independent & outgoing personality while her brother Marco is always most affectionate & loves to have his tummy stroked & will roll over at every opportunity.

Elgar is always the most reserved & does not like to be cuddled or pickled up but is very vocal & loves to be stroked & purrs very loudly & will let you do that all day !

Mina his sister is a lovely & affectionate girl who is very much a lap cat, although she knows her own mind. She is very fast & will often go where she is not meant too so she has to be watched carefully at all times.

They all get on really well & play together & sleep together lovingly, they all like to sleep on my bed, Mina especially likes to sleep under my duvet against my leg at night.

I trust you keep well & all the cats are doing well & happy.

August 2019Posted by Sarah - Blyth, Northumberland

Sialaxys Helios & Elianne (Ivy) (Chai & Magic litter 2016)

I hope you're keeping well?

I figured it was about time to send some more pics of these two little clowns!

They are totally besotted with each other, still cuddle up and it's a win if it's on my bed in the sunshine!
Honestly I can't imagine my life without them. Hope the pics brighten your evening.
All the Best, Sarah

Snuggle buckets!

Ivy being a poser for the camera!

Helios terrifying me! - I've learned to check doors that are ajar before opening now

Helios loves his mama!

August 2019Posted by Jenny & Paul, Stonehouse, Glos

SIALAXY'S CELINE (Freya) - Lucy/Flint 2018 litter & ARIES (Logan) Andy/Flint 2019 litter

I hope the recovery is going well! Just thought i would send you a few pictures of the pair! They are inseparable and won't sleep without being in contact with each other. He's grown a lot as you can see. We've had to adjust his worming as the tablets were making him sick, but that's all sorted with the vet now and they've both had their rabies jabs so now have pet passports. He's 2.3 kg last week when we took him for a check up.

The vets love him but still can't listen to his heart because of all the purring

He is a real terror, slowly destroying the house but still the same noisy affectionate little man who melts my heart all the time. Freya is getting braver all the time, and she's playing a lot more now too, we try to spend time with her away from Logan because he can kind of gatecrash and take over.

Anyway, just thought you'd want to know they are both doing so well.

June 2019Posted by Sian - Dorset

SIALAXYS DAKINO (Finn); TARADHISH (Loki); & latest additions HUA-YING & CETUS (Frodo & Newt - born Feb & Mar 2019)

Hi Julie I just wanted to give you some feedback to pop onto your website. Thankyou so much for our lovely boys in our ever expanding Siamese household. Our first boys Finn ( seal point) and Loki (Lilac) are characters, Finn adores us all, he is so soppy, loving tummy tickles, lots of cuddles and sleeping in my arms at night. Loki is the same but a little skittish if something spooks him. Loki is the greedier of the 2 older boys, a bit of a piglet!! We have just welcomed 2 new little boys Frodo (seal point) and Newt (Blue point). Frodo didn't like anyone at first and has just realized that it's rather nice to have cuddles and tickles. It is so nice when you can finally see them settle in to life in a new home with our other cats.

It's early days but I am so pleased to see him loved up at last. Newt, well what a character! Tiny scrap of a thing who just marches on in everywhere bold as can be!!! Verrry vocal, very brave and wants to be friends with everyone!! We have predicted that he is going to rule the roost very soon!!! Both new little ones have the run of the house already!! (supervised) Finn & Loki weren't impressed at all at first but, after lots of reassuring and gentle introductions it's one big happy family with the odd grumble from Finn. We couldn't be happier with our boys and look forward to adding to our brood next year!!!

May 2019Posted by Sue - Weymouth

Sialaxy's Cymberline (Neko) (Chai/Magic 2016 litter) & Starlit (Lily) (Darkstar/Alexi 2016 litter).

Well, Neko had his 3rd birthday back in February, and Lily's 3rd birthday is fast approaching on the 22nd. Time seems to have flown, and they are well established in their territories, with Neko now facing his adversaries head on, recently receiving a bite which caused an abscess between his eye and ear. He was such a brave, good boy for me, allowing me to bathe it often in warm salt water to allow the wound to drain and eventually heal.

Neko has taken a shine to Tony, and rolls at his feet for a fuss and belly rub. He has become more affectionate towards me too, but won't sit on our laps, or be picked up and cuddled for long and that's a shame because his coat is so soft and plush that it's just asking to be snuggled up to! He is a very busy boy, though, and spends lots of time outside, in any weather. A neighbour told me he has also been in her conservatory, sitting at the opposite end from her own cat, on her sofa!

Thankfully Neeks seems to have gone off bringing home young ducklings and moorhens, sticking to a daily catch or two of mouse or vole, the remains of which I find each morning on the kitchen carpet. Lily too catches and eats mice now, (used to be shrews but of course, they are not good to try and eat), and she still has a fascination for slow worms.

Neko's sleeping habits always make me smile - he quite often lies completely stretched out, legs in all directions, and being quite a big boy he takes up a lot of room. He looks sooo relaxed and content. Lily curls up but often sticks a leg out. They both like to share a bed with Claude, but rarely with each other.

I've attached some recent photos:

(I give them two different flavours/types of food at each meal, so that if they don't feel like one, they can choose the other. They usually eat both, except on odd occasions when they treat both as 'poison' and stalk off disdainfully!)

Anyhow, as you can see, they are enjoying their lives in the country, and every day they make me smile a million times.

I hope all is well - I still check your website now and then just to see if any blues been born/available - but of course, I won't have any more kittens now, so I just like to dream about adding a blue to my family, lol!

All 3 waiting for me to go indoors and do their tea

Neko peering out from a shady place

Lily and Clover side by side at meal time, after Lily actually managed to make me understand that she wanted her tea right next to Clover. She often dictates where she wants it!

Lily (unfortunately with a mouse at her feet)

A very rare photo of Neko and Lily in the same bed

May 2019Posted by Dawn & Malcolm - Batcombe Dorset

Sialaxys Luan (Poopy); Phoebe (Mia) & Dipendu (Chai) - Selene litter 2017

Just wanted to get in touch to let you know how our 3 rascals are doing.

They have turned into beautiful adorable beings as you can see in the picture. They all love each other and get along fine.

Mia the seal point is very independent and wants love on her terms. Chia is Mummy's boy and loves to play rather than sleep. Poppy loves cuddles and she has the most beautiful expressional eyes.

Malc and I are both smitten with them.

All of them are happy and eating well.

May 2019Posted by Deborah - Brighton

Sialaxy Solaris (Mischiko) - Arunika & Galileo litter March 2018

You may remember that we became the proud cat parents of Mischka (we changed his name slightly from Mischko) last year. I just wanted to update you to let you know that he has become the most delightful little fella. We absolutely adore him.

He's incredibly sociable and is so patient with children. He has adventured outside now and only goes as far as next door's garden to sunbathe - and has charmed the neighbours.

He greets everyone by running up to them and flopping over onto his back so we can rub his tummy! Very sweet.

We're just so chuffed to have him as part of our family. He's just amazing.

April 2019Posted by Kathy - Surrey

Sialaxy's Damia (Dharma) & Tuwa (Bodihi (Taurina & Flint litter Feb 2018)

Just an update on Dharma and Bodhi, the taurina/flint feb kittens. Dharma is beautiful, shes a shy little female, who luckily adores me, shes never out of sight and adores her cuddes. Bodhi was the boy who was in the room when I picked up Dharma, fate dealt me an amazing boy... he is SOPPY, hes talks a lot and sleeps with me on my left side and Dharma on the right. They are so beautiful, i constantly thank you for rearing them. They are 1 year 2 months now and very happy. I wanted to keep you updated as they grow. I hope that is ok

March 2019Posted by Hannah - Tewkesbury

Sialaxy's Siona (Mia) & Alzubra (Coco) (Mei-Xing & Flint litter 2018)

Hope you are well. I thought i would contact you to give you an update on Coco and Mia.

They have lived with us nearly 7 months now and they have changed so much. I will send you some pictures from my mobile later. I still have to pinch myself everyday as i still can't believe they are really mine. They are such a delight and we all love them so much. They bring such joy to our family. They have very different personalities too; Mia, our little girl is very shy and a real mummy's girl. She dances around my feet and gives the best cuddles. Coco, he's a big boy! He will go to anyone and loves being picked up by my husband (think he likes being up high) He is very playful and is very tolerate of our 2 young children (who adore him). He is very chilled out and affectionate. They are both equally gentle and loving and their different personalities compliment each other beautifully.

Olly our older cat who is nearly 17 years old! He doesn't seem threatened by them at all but will give them a little warning gentle paw slap if they stiff around him too much. Mia and Coco are very loving in nature and they welcome anything and anyone who comes through the door. They love to chase each other around the house and get on with each other very well. Mia will soon tell Coco where to go if he gets too much.

I couldn't imagine just having one Siamese cat as they clearly love having company, especially if we aren't at home. Will keep in touch as they grow and will send over some pictures from the past few months.

March 2019Posted by Annette, Tunbridge Wells

Tonkyway Sonita & Shadow (Eleana & Comet litter 2018)

March 2019Posted by Sarah & Damian - Epsom, Surrey

Sialaxy's Auriga (Hedy)(Ksora 2018 litter) & her uncle Almirfak (Darwin)(Cassie 2014 litter)

I hope all is well with you and the cats.

Hedy is 1 today so her and Darwin are being spoilt ??. All good here and thought you may like some pictures of the birthday girl and her favourite uncle.

She is such a crazy and active cat it's quite tough to get a picture though. Absolutely full of beans and has really brought Darwin out of his shell after the loss of Tesla. Couldn't imagine our home without her in it!

March 2019Posted by Liz & Wayne - Dorset

Sialaxy Auva (Maisie) (Taurina & Starman litter 2018)

Thought I would just update you on how Maisie is getting on, we can't believe it's been four weeks since we picked her up! After living under a blanket for the first week, she's settled in really well, loves playing with our USB leads and eats like a horse! We've been giving her the Feringa kitten food and she just loves it (not too keen on any biscuits though but loves her raw chicken wings!).

We're really enjoying her company and didn't realise how much we'd missed having a Siamese around since we lost our last one 3 years ago.

She's growing fast and I've attached a couple of pictures for you, she is so pretty!

We're still very keen to have a boy Siamese to join her, we know she would love the company and look forward to hearing when your next litters are available (ideally we would love a Seal or Chocolate point).

March 2019Posted by Josephine - South Croydon

Sialaxy Mudil (now Jasper) (Lucy & Flint litter 2018)

Just thought id drop you a quick line to let you know how well Jasper is doing.

As you can see he is growing into a very handsome boy. He is into everything now and is very confident causing mischief in any part of the house. Trying to fold up washing is a challenge as he thinks it is a great game to jump in the laundry basket and steal socks. We've even taught him to play fetch, I've attached a video for you, he will play fetch with his toys, socks, pretty much anything. He so funny and very clever.

He loves to be by my side, he sleeps snuggled into my neck every night and he greets me at the door every evening to tell me off for being at work, he definitely likes the sound of his own meow like most Siamese.

We all love him so much and he is a great addition to our family, thank you.

February 2019Posted by Jill - Wareham, Dorset

Tonkyway Tonkyway Zeru (Tseen-She & Comet litter Sept 2017)

Hi Julie, Here is Zeru, a lovely boy. He has just stopped running up the curtains.But I still can't put anything on the mantelpiece. Likes tucking things under chairs and mats. He even tucked a dead mouse in bed with me, Nice! His favourite thing is food!

February 2019Posted by Diane - London

Tonkyway Ravin (now Bertie) - (Talayeh & Comet litter Feb 2018)

Hope this finds you well, with not too much snow or cold.

Your Ravin, our Bertie turns one tomorrow.

He has been an absolute joy. He has the best disposition - sweet and funny. He loves his sister Florence and his toys. He is lovely and strong, but still very kittenish and curious. We often call him "why we can't have nice things!".

Thought you might like to see some pictures of how this beautiful boy has grown up.

February 2019Posted by Claire - Hereford

Tonkyway Kyra (Mollie) & Sunny (Casper) - (Talayeh & Comet litter Feb 2017)

We just wanted to say a quick hello on our 1st birthday. We are very happy with our new mum and have finally made friends with Cookie Monster. We have moved house with our new family so now enjoy tormenting and bossing max (the cocker spaniel) around.

We hope you like the pictures.

Love Casper and Mollie (Sunny and Kyra)

2018 Tonkyway Ravin (Bertie) born 5.2.18.jpg 2018 Tonkyway Ravin (Bertie) with Florence.JPG 2019 Feb Tonkyway Sunny (Casper) and Kyra (Mollie) 1st Birthday.JPG 2019 Feb Tonkyway Sunny and Kyra born 5.2.18.JPG 2019 Tonkyway Ravin (Bertie) aged 1 yr.jpg 2019 Feb Tonkyway Zeru 17 months.jpg 2019 Feb Tonkyway Zeru aged 17 months.jpg 2019 Feb Tonkyway Zeru at 17 mths.jpg 2019 March Sialaxy Auva (Maisie) 5 months.jpg 2019 March Sialaxy Auva (now Maisie) at 5 months.jpg 2019 March Sialaxy Mudil (Jasper) aged 5 months.JPG 2019 March Birthday girl Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) born 16.03.18.jpg 2019 March Sialaxys Alzubra (Coco) and Siona (Mia) aged 9 months.jpg 2019 March Sialaxys Auriga (Hedy) and Almirfak (Darwin) aged 1 and 4.jpg 2019 March Sialaxys Auriga (Hedy) and uncle Almirfak (Darwin) 1yr and 4yr..jpg 2019 March Sialaxys Siona (Mia) and Alzubra (Coco) aged 9 months.jpg 2019 March Sialaxys Siona (Mia) and Alzubra (Coco) at 9 mths old.jpg 2019 March Tonkyways Sonita and Shadow born 29.09.18.jpg 2019 May Sialaxy Luan (Poppy) Phoebe (Mia) and Dippendu (Chai) born 27.11.17.jpg 2019 May Sialaxy Solaris (Mischka) dob 5 March 2018.jpg 2019 May Sialaxy Solaris (now Mischka) born 5.3.18.jpg 2019_May_Sialaxys_Starlit_Lily_and_Cymberline_Neko_aged_3yrs.jpg 2019_May_Sialaxy_Cymberline_Neko_born_Feb_2016.JPG 2019_May_Sialaxy_Starlit_Lily_and_Clover.jpg 2019_May_Sialaxy_Starlit_Lily_born_2016.JPG 2019_May_Sialays_Cymberline_Neko_and_Starlit_Lily_3_yrs.jpg 2019 June Sialaxy Hua-Ying & Cetus ( (Frodo & Newt) born Feb & Mar 2019.JPG 2019 June Sialaxys Dakini (Finn) & Taradhish (Loki).jpg 2019_Aug_Sialaxys_Aries_5mths_and_Celine_10mths.jpg 2019_Aug_Sialaxys_Aries_Logan_5_months_and_Celine_Freya_10mths.jpg 2019_Aug_Sialaxy_Aries_Logan_at_5_mths.jpg 2019_Aug_Sialaxy_Celine_Freya_10_mths_and_Sialaxy_Aries_Logan_5mths.jpg 2019_Aug_Sialaxy_Celine_Freya_born_Oct_2018.jpg 20190508_101734_2019_Aug_Sialaxys_Helios_and_Elianne_Ivy_born_Feb_2016.jpg 20190527_121241_2019_Aug_Sialaxys_Helios_and_Elianne_Ivy_born_Feb_2016.jpg 20190620_213435_2019_Aug_Sialaxy_Elianne_Ivy_born_Feb_2016.jpg 20190620_214131_2019_Aug_Sialaxy_Helios_born_Feb_2016.jpg 20190710_165552_2019_Aug_Sialaxys_Helios_and_Elianne_Ivy_dob_Feb_2016.jpg 20190901_093722_2019_Sept_Tonkyway_Estela_Mina_dob_3.3.18.jpg 20190901_093838_2019_Sept_Tonkyway_Suhail_Elgar_dob_3.3.18.jpg 20190901_093847_2019_Sept_Tonkyway_Aarksh_Marco_dob_8.6.18.jpg 20190901_093856_2019_Sept_Tonkyway_Etoile_Windflower_dob_8.6.18.jpg 2019_Sept_Tonkyways_My_Zohreh_and_son_Puck_2015_and_2019.jpg 2019_Sept_Tonkyways_Puck_born_2019_and_mum_Zohreh.jpg 2019_Sept_Tonkyway_Daw_Elodie_born_4.10.18.JPG 2019_Sept_Tonkyway_My_Zohreh_and_son_Puck_born_2015_and_2019.jpg 2019_Sept_Tonkyway_My_Zohreh_watching_TV.jpg 2019_Oct_Sialaxy_Jayvyn_Sammy_aged_2.jpg 2019_Oct_Sialaxy_Jayvyn_Sam_dob_6.10.17.jpg 2019_Oct_-_Zohreh_loves_curtain_climbing.jpg 2019_Oct_Tonkyway_Puck_and_mum_Zohreh.jpg 2019_Oct_Tonkyway_Zohreh_and_son_Puck.jpg 2019_Nov_Sialaxys_Shen_and_Qing_born_Feb_2019.jpg 2019_Nov_Tonkyways_Zoria_Lilibert_and_Maera_Coco_aged_16_weeks.jpg 2019_Nov_Tonkyway_Maera_Coco_and_Zoria_Lilibert_aged_16_weeks.jpg 2019_Nov_Tonkyway_Staris_andAsteria_coco_dob_2.2.19.jpg