I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

December 2018Posted by Fay - Bristol

Tonkyway Keiyona (Feb 2017) & Tonkyway Sahar (Tally/Comet Feb 2018)

I love Sahar and Keiyona so much. They get lots of love and attention from friends. Keiyona is getting braver, she loves being in the garden, it's changed her life from being scared and tired Soul to bright, happy , sweet cat... they are good and don't go far and only out when I'm there. They both have the sweetest beautiful meow, Sahar is so close to my heart, so intelligent, very intuitive. Glad his mother is well she is beautiful, would love to have her too and have a house full of cats. Sorry to hear some boys haven't found homes :( I'm sure they will soon, on your website would be good? Much love. Fay

December 2018Posted by Janet - Preston, Lancs

Tonkyway Tsukino (Sergio) - (Taurina & Boysie litter 2017)

Thought I'd drop you a quick email - 12 months gone by how time flies. I've sent you a pic of Sergio he is a very handsome boy which I'm sure you'll agree.

Sergio is a very vocal cat don't need an alarm clock in a morning and quite noisy at times he actually screams ha ha! He likes to be boss too and let's my other Bengal know it! He is also very affectionate but jealous if we pay my other cat attention which he makes known by jumping in.

Health wise he has been great and his coat is beautiful.

I hope you like the picture as it's difficult to get him to keep still as I know you have lots of kitties.

Hope you are well and enjoy your Xmas and New Year.

December 2018Posted by Geraldine - Powys

Tonkyway Soleil (Percy) Tseen-She & Comet litter 2017)

Can't believe we've had Percy a year now! He's grown into a delightful cat, full of mischief and wonderfully affectionate. He regularly arrives indoors announcing his presence and asking where his audience is. It took me a while to work out that it wasn't always food he wanted but often just a cuddle before he's off again. All the neighbours know him but he's quite shy with them.

He comes for a walk with me and our springer spaniel most mornings, hiding in the long grass or behind trees and then pouncing on us which is very funny. He lost a collar in the woods a while ago and a few days later found it and brought it back to me!

He loves to be outside, refuses to use a litter tray and demands, very loudly, to go out whatever the weather. I regularly have to towel him down which he loves.

He really is a joy to have - even though he takes up more than his share of the bed, snuggling up to me and under the duvet when it's cold.

He is, of course, enormous, so much so that I've had to buy a bigger carrier for him. Couple of photos on their way separately as I don't seem to be able to attach from here

Hope all is well with you, your family and menagerie. Best wishes for Christmas and the new year.

December 2018Posted by Denise - Helensburgh, Scotland

Tonkyway Tellus (Jamie) Taurina & Boysie April 2017) - Retired Stud

Jamie has been with us for 4 weeks now and he settled very quickly. We have had no spraying, he simply loves being a pet and living indoors and he is such a lovable character. I have fallen head over heels for him, he makes me laugh with his super loud chat and antics and he melts my heart with his affectionate and wonderful nature. I feel so lucky to have him.

The 1st photo was taken when he had been here about a week and the video was taken a few days later when I found him sleeping on my daughters bed. You only have to look at him and he rolls into his back to have his tummy tickled. He has such a loud purr. The last photo was taken on Friday. He loves his hammock bed and will run across the floor and leap into it from some distance. He also often pulls the fabric down so he can climb inside and turn it into a sleeping bag.!

December 2018Posted by Emma - Kingsbridge, Devon

Tonkyway Ziarra (now Dolly) Zohreh & Corrie litter 2017)

I hope you and your fur tribe are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that Dolly (Ziarra) is doing great. She's grown a lot and is a very strong and heavy girl. She is in fine health and is lively and happy. She totally rules the roost with Bertie and I, and has become the darling of all my friends and family when they visit. We now live permanently in our rural spot on the cliffs, so she gets a fair amount of outdoor freedom - something I know many Tonks can't enjoy. She “owns” a large patch of hillside that provides her with great exercise and satisfaction. She is the most amazing hunter I have ever known - so prolific I had to source a special, extra loud anti hunting bell. The body count was sometimes 10 voles/mice/shrews an hour!!! The bell has slowed her down but she still gets a few organic, free range treats for herself. When she isn't hunting she is the most loveable, sociable, affectionate, cheeky, adorable little love. Mischief is definitely her middle name, so she keeps me on my toes. Bertie still has heart shaped eyes for her, and they are a perfect devoted couple. I thought you might appreciate a couple of pics of our beautiful girl.

December 2018Posted by Elaine - Malmesbury

Sialaxy's Miharu (Perilla) & Akihito (Percival) - Mizuki & Harry litter 2016)

Just thought we would let you know how Percy and Perilla are getting on now we have had them for two years. They are fully grown and fully integrated into our cat family.

We have had a few upsets, the first was when Trevor, the ginger tom from across the road, moved out and Percy tried to take over as top cat in the area. His aspirations were thwarted by Chloe our top cat in the house and Madeline, our lodger who were not having any. Crystal, Chloe's sister, was a pushover though and settled for being washed and taken care of. She has a thyroid condition so is not so feisty as she used to be. Chloe and Crystal both used to be ferocious but have settled down in their old age, they are 16 and a half.

Sadly, Chloe was diagnosed with heart failure about a month ago but she retained her top cat status. She became so ill yesterday that when we took her to the vet they said they could do no more for her and she was put to sleep. The others sense things are different but Percy has not tried to assert himself yet but I think Madeline will have other views about that. Crystal is still happy for him to look after her. Pansy has taken to Percy and Perilla and they all go round together in a group. They are all still enjoying their chicken wings, Pansy most of all.

The two of them are great fun but not so lively as they used to be and they sleep a lot. When they were kittens my son called them the babas so we still call them the babas even though Percy is huge. It has been hard to get some representative pictures of them as they are either asleep or out and about but I have attached a couple.

Hope Mizuki is ok and all the others, I assume you have your hands full with lots of kittens.

November 2018Posted by Rena - Twickenham, N.Somerset

Sialaxy's Twyla (Artemis) & Seren (Apollo) Mei & Leo litter July 2017)

Apollo and Artemis ( Sialaxy Seren and Sialaxy Twyla ) are 16 months old now and they are beautiful, full of energy, loving, cuddling, very clever and amazing little babies! We are taken by them! Really beautiful kittens!

November 2018Posted by Ilias - Didcot, Oxon

Tonkyway's Thaqib & Astin (now Stan & Ollie) Sitara & Comet litter 2018)

I have been looking at all the pictures on your website, particularly those of the 2018 kittens and thought that I would send you an up to date one of our two boys.

Stan, the one in front is , as you rightly said when we came to collect him , a "monster"! In to everything, never stops for a minute and as bold as brass. Typical tonk loving to sit high up, get loads of cuddles, climbs curtains and is generally in your face constantly. He is small, very much like his mum Sitara but what he loses in size he certainly makes up in character!

Ollie takes after his father and is big and beautiful although a little timid. Whilst he comes for cuddles, sits on knees , and is lovely, he usually doesn't take the lead although he can be naughty as well.

They are siblings with a great friendship. They sleep and sit together and are inseparable. If you see one you'll see the other. They are absolutely delightful and are a very welcome addition to our home.

October 2018Posted by Johanna - Bristol

Sialaxy Somesh (Kenwyn) Mist & Leo kittens)

Kenwyn is loving life here in Bristol with Solomon! He had his little operation and recovered well.

October 2018Posted by Ed & Becky - Starcross, Devon

Sialaxys Anjum & Arjun (Biscuit & Crumble) - Mei & Flint 2018 litter

Hi Mum.

Just a quick note to say Hi, and to keep you updated. We have settled in to our new home, really well. These humans will do anything for us, the bigger ones feed us and have really comfortable laps for sitting on. The lady has lots of wool, which we enjoy stealing and running off with! The smaller ones, we think they are called children, spend hours playing with us. We reward them by running off with their favourite cuddly toys??.

We have been to the vets today, which was a bit scary. The nurse told us in the cage next to us was a tabby, we didn't like him so we ignored him. The nurse told our grown up lady, they thought this was funny, we are not sure why, honestly mum, the tabby was really noisy and had no manners, he kept growling at us.

We had better go, the smallest child is going to do some more handwriting practice, we need to help him by sitting on his book, pointing to the next bit he needs to do.

Lots of love Biscuit and Crumble. (Sialaxy Anjum and Sialaxy Arjun). Xxx

October 2018Posted by Frances & Tony - Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Sialaxys Stephano (Max) & Ophelia (Polly) - Neona & Galileo litter

When they are good, they are very very good....! They enjoy charging around the house and playing with corks and the green bottle tops, toys that cost nothing! They are very affectionate and give us a lot of pleasure.

October 2018Posted by Sara - Peterborough

Sialaxy Tarachand (Percy) Xiao & Galileo 2018 litter)

Thought you might enjoy these photos. As you can see he is very much at home.

He has met all the other members of household and is beginning to venture downstairs.

He likes the dog! Found them curled up together on the bottom of Gracies bed last night! Sadly it was too dark to take a photo as I didn't want to wake Grace.

So for week two I think it's going really well! What a character! After his silent journey home he has now found his voice and is actually a very chatty Siamese!! I hope someone takes to Percy's brother soon gorgeous boys and we are so delighted with Percy he is a delight and has snuggled into all of our hearts.

October 2018Posted by Sue - Dorset

Sialaxy Cymbaline (Neko)Chai/Magic 2016) & Sialaxy Starlit (Lily)Darkstar/Alexi 2016)

Thought it was time for another update on the terrific two!

Neko has grown into a big, solid, handsome boy, still with beautiful pale coat colour. He's quite lazy - likes to snooze, which he seems to prefer to do either with Claude, or on his own. Rarely with Lily. He still hunts, but not as much as he did before, or maybe he just doesn't bring his kills to the back door any more, or worse, indoors! I think he has realised that I will take it away from him. Lily still likes her slow worms but hasn't found many during this hot dry summer. How they have all loved the long sunny days!

Lily is just so exquisite in her looks. I still can't believe how lucky I am to have such a beautiful girl. She stays closer to home than Neko, although when a new cat came to live next door I heard shrieks from over the fence, and now it seems the new cat spends most of her time out the front of her house. I think maybe Lily, whose territory includes next door's back garden, has asserted herself, and the other cat is now steering clear. I do feel a bit sad for the other cat - if only they could all get on - but ours were here first and Neko and Lily have had established territory of 21 years handed down to them!

Anyhow, I thought I would attach some pictures to show you a little of Lily's funny little character - one of her favourite perching places is on the kitchen bin when I am working in the kitchen, but these pics show her having some of her meals - she dictates where they are to be! Another picture shows the way she always likes to sit on me with one paw folded into my hand and the other over the top to stop me getting away! It's her version of a hug, I think! The other pics are Neko lying on my lap, sitting up on the flat roof, and snoozing on some fleece. I don't get as many nice pics of Neko as he is out and about all day long and half the evening too.

Oh, also sending one pic out of a set of three that I took of Neko and Claude strolling together on the patio during the summer. So companionable, and lovely to watch them.

So all is good here, and they both give me so much pleasure to have around me. I love evenings when we all snuggle up together on the sofa.

Will say bye for now. Hope you like the pics. Will try to get much better ones for the next update!

October 2018Posted by Sara - Yeovil, Somerset

Sialaxy Lacerta (Cassie) (Ksora & Flint kittens 2018)

Hi Julie, thought you'd like to know how your girl is doing.

She's had an eventful month since I last wrote. First visit to the cattery was a great success, she settled in well with the boys to keep her company and show her what was what. She and Barney are voracious eaters and the cattery staff took seconds to realise they'd have to separate both of them from Bumble at meal times or he would starve. Luckily neither of them will eat cat biscuits so at least he can safely hang onto them.

She's not backwards at coming forwards when they are all playing chase either and is quite happy to ambush Bumble despite him being nearly three times the size of her. She has also taken over morning alarm duties from Bumble and hers is the first voice I hear at the crack of dawn. I know it's not that she particularly wants to see me, she wants breakfast and she wants it N O W!!! Sadly for Bumble she has also taken a shine to the dried chicken treats he has at bedtime when she and Barney have a bedtime snack. She's so fast with her own food that I end up having to run intervention.

Back from the cattery she had a few days at home before it was off to the vet for her op which she seems to have sailed through. Hasn't slowed her down at all. At approximately 4 hours post op she was running up and down stairs, a little grey blur. She did appreciate her turkey mince supper but had no intention of resting quietly and sleeping off the remains of the sedation!

Her latest achievement has happened in the last few days. She has finally mastered the cat flap. Up until this weekend she has sat beside it when the boys were out and yelled about being abandoned and all alone and kept on yelling very noisily at full volume until one of them, usually Barney, comes back in from the garden. Sunday I looked out of the kitchen window and saw her out playing with Barney in the sunshine. She isn't as keen as the boys on getting out into the fresh air at the moment but at least she knows how to if she wants to now.

As I write they are all sound asleep on the couch beside me with Cassie sandwiched between the two boys. She's not daft. Two draft excluders keeping her toasty warm. Luckily she has a very strong personality and is entirely her own woman. When she's had enough of the boys she will take herself off either across the room for space of her own or upstairs to her cat tree nest. What is really funny is the screams about being all alone and abandoned that follow if she has gone off upstairs and woken up all alone. It was her choice after all! Bumble usually takes pity on her at that point and goes to get her. He is amazingly tolerant with them.

I've managed to get a few more photos which I hope you will enjoy.

September 2018Posted by Ilias, Didcot

Tonkyway's Thaquib & Astin (Stan & Ollie - Sitara & Comet litter 2018)

I thought you might like the picture of Stan and Ollie at nearly 7 months in the box & 5 months on the chair

September 2018Posted by Laila & Stuart - Bucks

TONKYWAYS ASIA (Pepi) & AAHAN (Dandi) - Aurore & Comet litter 2017

It is time to let you know that our Two Tonks/Two Tails/Four Legs have reached their first birthday (this coming week). See attached photos and video clips - they have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and are, I suppose, getting over their teenage period! They are inseparable - Dandi is the head, has the first pick of every meal with Pepi waiting patiently until he finishes; Dandi likes to go on his walks in the neighborhood, which causes Pepi to cry quietly and pace about until he returns and they lick each other's faces and settle down for a sleep, all entangled like Yin & Yang. Pepi is a true companion and keeps bringing little 'gifts' from her toys to each of us. Dandi enjoys being brushed and cuddled. They do not touch any biscuits, hardly eat manufacturers' catfood, preferring home-cooked chicken, raw turkey mince and chicken drum sticks. They are very energetic and run on their large exercise wheel for hours! They climb all the trees in our garden and the shed rooftops in our neighborhood! This entertains many of our friends in the lane. Our Tonks are comforting us in our grief after the sudden loss of our Russian Blue Anushka (nearly 13 years old), found dead near our front door about a month ago. It was possibly a heart attack.

September 2018Posted by Kathy - Surrey

SIALAXYS DAMIA (Dharma) & TUWA (Bodi) (Taurina & Flint litter 2018)

Like to keep you updated. Bodhi and Dharma are doing great. Both have had their ops....and both fine. They are extremley cuddly and Bodhi is a very active boy....I could not love them anymore than I do already. I have conversations with them both daily. Dharma is quieter but so lovely. I hope you get this as I sent photos for you to see them...Ill send more with this email.

August 2018Posted by Oliver - Ilfracombe, Devon

TONKYWAY KIRAN (now Leo) - (Talayeh & Comet litter 2018)

Just a line to let you know how well Leo has settled. He is certainly has a large cry and an even bigger appetite, I don't think we have ever had a cat so focused on food as he is! I am not sure how big he will get?

After the initial hissing and posturing, Leo and Luna have got on well and are often found sleeping together around the house, I have enclosed some photos. Oliver is thrilled with him as he really is a friendly cat. Hope all is well with you both

August 2018Posted by Emma - Kingsbridge, Devon

Tonkyway Ziarre (now Dolly) - (Zohreh & Corrie litter April 2017)

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to give you an update on our darling Dolly. She is doing so wonderfully. We are resident in Devon full time now, and well settled in our clifftop home. Dolly has become the most proficient and voracious hunter I've ever met. She is the scourge of the hillside, and is out on the hunt every single day. Ive seen birds literally fly into her mouth!!!! She wears a radio collar so I can track her down if I need to, but she is marvellous and ALWAYS comes home when I call her. She has the most amazing space to roam freely in, and has become the queen of the hill. She is strong, healthy, fit and insanely contented. She continues to be a wonderfully social and agreeable darling with everyone, and I'm the envy of everybody who meets her. She is still stunning, and is such a little character that she has become a bit of a local celebrity. All my neighbours know her, and she even helps my personal trainer when he comes over for workouts in the tennis court. She snuggles up at night with me and Bertie, and is especially fond of the warm nook under the quilt next to me. She gets right under and cuddles up against my tummy. It's lovely!! Although she does snore sometimes, and has lots of running dreams, so her paws are all going!!!! I love her more than I can say, and Bertie is hopelessly devoted and totally out classed by his beloved girlie. Take a look at how well she's grown - in part down to her natural mouse supplement - some of which she leaves on the carpet for me and Berts to squabble over!!!

July 2018Posted by Geraldine - Powys

TONKYWAY SOHEIL (now Percy - Tseen-She litter Sept 2017)

Hope all is well with you and your various broods. They're probably all flaked out in this hot weather. Even in Wales it's scorching.

Percy is a very happy pussy cat and enjoying coming for walks in the woods with me and our spaniel, playing hide and pounce on the spaniel who keeps getting surprised! He recently spent a couple of weeks in the cattery and wasn't very impressed, even though he gets very well looked after. Apparently he talked incessantly whilst there and left me in no doubt what he thought about it when I took him home!

I couldn't find him yesterday afternoon so went on a hunt of his favourite places and found him chilling out in our bedroom, looking very relaxed. So a couple of photos of him, one chilled out and one looking very bedraggled after staying out in the rain. Managed to take this last photo - just before he fell off! He is such a clumsy cat! But a lovely picture of him and, as you can see, he's grown into a very handsome boy.

July 2018Posted by Sarah - Epsom, Surrey

SIALAXY AURIGA (now Hedy -Ksora litter March 2018) & SIALAXY ALMIRFAK (Darwin - Sept 2014)

Everything has settled down and Hedy and Darwin have become good friends! They play together and cuddle up together which is lovely to see and alongside his increased energy shows how much Darwin was missing a companion. I hoped they would be close but never imagined it could be so quick!

Sometimes Darwin gets annoyed at Hedy and bops her on the head (generally because she is trying to stick her head in his food bowl while he's eating - she has developed a taste for his adult food over the Felix kitten).

A few pics attached of them getting along (it's only in these I realise how much bigger Darwin is!).

Hedy has also got used to Damian and I and she has become a super affectionate purr machine!

May 2018Posted by Dawn - Batcombe, Dorchester

SIALAXY'S LUAN (Poppy); PHOEBE (Mia); DIPENDU (Chai) - (Selene & Flint Nov 2017 litter)

Hope you and the family are well. We thought we ought to let you know how things are going with us here in sunny Batcombe. We eat (all day if we could) sleep - not much as we have so much to explore; and play (our favourite toy is a big dirty rat and pink pipe cleaners). The garden is hugh - Mum has let us go out to explore under supervision of course. We like to play hide 'n' seek behind the trees, although we got told off when we tried to climb on!

Last week we met the cat Doctor, so Chia could be gutless and Poppy and me (Mia) could have our lady bits out. We were told to rest afterwards but blow that. Anyway at our post-op appointment we passed with flying colours. No buster collars - hooray!

Chia is growing now and won't be long before he catches us up. Mum calls him her little man. He would play all day but we insist he has his rest with us. His favourite toy game is playing fetch with Dad. Poppy likes her afternoon nap, sleep is more important than toys, oh and she steals food off the table. Then there's me, beautiful "Mia" as Dad would say. I am the gang leader, the most confident one. I like to watch the birds around the table and I have this game with the two resident pheasants who I chase, I love it. anyway rest assured that we are happy and settled and we love and look after each other. Photo to follow. Much love Mia Poppy Chia & mummy Dawn.

PS Give our love to mummy Selene, hope she is well.

May 2018Posted by Charmain - Weston-Super-Mare

SIALAXY JAYVYN (Sammy) - (Lucy & Leo litter Oct 2017)

Just a very quick update on Sammy. I will try and send a few pictures soon, but my computer has been playing up and I have had problems sending emails with attachments.

Sammy is an absolute delight. He is now convinced he is a dog and has attached himself to our two english setters as if one of the 'pack'. He gets furious when they go out and he is not allowed to follow, but I am simply not prepared to risk him coming to harm like Charlie. He has his routines and we all stand by for his manic episodes early in the morning and late evening. He goes completely mad and flies round the house at full speed not having much regard for anything in his way.... so far he has not managed to break anything precious but we have taken the precaution of moving a few more important items.

He has grown into a beautiful cat and is very sociable, loves company and we all love him even when he is naughty! He eats well and almost anything except anything dried. He has a fondness for the dogs food and comes dashing from wherever he is as soon as he hears the dogs bowls being prepared. They are extremely patient with his attempts to rob them of their dinner.

I am away for a few days next week but he is booked in to be neutered on the 14th June. I will confirm to you when it has been done as requested in your paperwork. I hope all is well with you and you have had news of Sammy's litter mates and they are all doing well. We couldn't be happier with our boy.

May 2018Posted by Kate & Chris - Chippenham

SIALAXY CELENA & JACE (Selene litter Nov 2017)

Hope you are well. Just wanted to thank you for our two gorgeous cats, they have fitted in so well with our crazy household & love the dogs. They have been exploring the garden & enjoy sunbathing in the plant pots!

Thought I would send you a photo of our latest litter of pups.

Thanks so much for allowing us to have Jace & Celena, We love them very much & could never imagine our home without a siamese (or two!)

May 2018Posted by Diane - Taunton Somerset

TONKYWAY TSUCHI (Moses) - Columbae & Corrie litter May 2017

Hi Julie. As Moses (now known as Mad max)is coming up to a year old I thought I would let you know how he is.

If he was to be entered into any cat show, he would win - hands down, what a beautiful animal, he is the most loving, intelligent, caring animal ever, all he wants is to be loved.

I have a waiting list of people wanting to adopt him, from a cousin in Paris, my best friends husband to the window cleaner, I hope you don't mind but I have given you telephone and contact details to them all...

All Max wants is company, thank goodness I am retired and here most of the time, would hate to leave him all day, he is such a social cat, talks all the time, am sure he understands all I say to him.

Thanks Julie, you have given me a Best Friend.....

April 2018Posted by Hilary - Truro

SIALAXY SEMINE (Isadora & Leo litter 2017)

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say we are all doing well! Semine and Daphnis are not best of friends but they are learning to live with each other. They do not have fisticuffs, which is good thing! S was speyed in January and we have just started taking herself outside on a lead. She is a very sweet cat and really bonded with my husband, even though she was my birthday present!

March 2018Posted by Caroline & Thomas - London

SIALAXY SOMALI (now Mali) from (Chai-Lai/Magic litter 2017)

Just a quick line and pictures of Mali.

He is doing really well. Very settled, and the most adorable cat. He's very loving and affectionate. Also quite demanding and annoyed if he isn't heard!

He's sleeping with me, and by my side most of the time. He's very cheeky playful and clever and is very much part of the family! First ritual in the morning is a belly rub!!!

We love him.

February 2018Posted by Roy & Christine - Stourport-on-Severn

Sialaxy Arell (Henry) & Blumoon (Billy) - (Lucy & Leo litter 2017)

I hope all is well with your lovely cats. we have named our cats Billy (blue point) and Henry (lilac point). They are very affectionate especially Henry. It's difficult to use the computer when he is around as he treads all over the keyboard for attention. They are full of energy, and late at night they seem to have a mad half hour. Billy is still slightly heavier at 2.346 kg and Henry 2.284 kg. I hope you enjoy the photos

February 2018Posted by Manisha - Bristol

Sialaxy's Purnima & Sohalia - (Selene & Alexi kitts 2017)

We just wanted to say hello, now that we are nearly 1 year old! It'll be our birthday on Saturday and I hope we are going to get lots of chicken wings! We used to get one wing every day, but lately our new mummy has cut it down to half a wing!! We can't think why, but we heard her say that Purnima was quite overweight and had a round tummy! How cheeky! We blame the vet for putting that idea into her head??! But we got a new cat castle so when the great hairy monster dog comes to visit, we sit and watch her right at the top and she can't reach us! ?? Our new Dad makes us spider toys on fishing sticks, though we have to nag him a lot to play with us, but if we trip him up every now and then, he gets the message. When Dad's on his own, he lets us sleep with him cos he doesn't mind us playing hide and seek in his duvet. Mind you, he doesn't even notice because his eyes are closed and he's making loud growling noises! Mum said we make too much noise running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night, but it's such fun chasing each other in the dark. At least Mum gets us our breakfast in time, not like Dad .. we have to jump on him to remind him that we are hungry! We can't wait for the summer, so that we can help mum in the garden. It gets full of bees and we never get tired of chasing them in the lavender bushes. We did catch 1 pigeon, but they are quite clever now and fly away very quickly. Mum says we should chase them away because they eat all the new vegetables, but I think we have to learn new tactics.

Anyway, bye bye Mummy Julie, and say hello to all the boys and girls for us

xxx Sohalia and Purnima

February 2018Posted by Elaine - Bucks

TONKYWAY CAPRICORNI (Retired Stud born 08.04.13 Venus x Raffy)

(More of these tales from Capri can be seen on the Re-homing page)

Dear Aunt Julie,

Hi there, me again, your little father of champions(?), Tonkyway Capricorni, aka Cirrus, scourge of the barns and churchyards. I tell a lie: I was weighed recently and am now over 6 kilos. The vet called me a fat b-----d, which I thought was very vulgar. However, I must admit that the reason for favouring him with a visit was a sprained front paw, due to a pancake landing from the garage roof, which isn't usually a problem, but to be honest, I think it was the extra weight I've put on over the winter which upset my balance.

The rabbit season is getting underway now so I shall take more exercise, and with my daily session of mouseball, I should soon be back to my usual svelte self. My staff seem to have no interest in participating in these games. When I saw an extra car outside one day last week, I brought in a really good specimen with plenty of go still in it, but neither of the visitors wanted to play, indeed they both leaped on the sofa (my sofa) mewing distractedly. Human beings are definitely retarded in my opinion.

I hope that Uncle Graham has finished his new man-room, though I can't imagine what he will be doing in there when he could be enjoying the refined and cultured atmosphere of high-class feline society. I'm so glad you got away for your little holiday, though it was a pity about the cough. That's often a problem with going into a strange cattery. I do hope you have got rid of it now.

My staff are reasonably well though they seem to be getting a bit slow. Perhaps they'll be a bit more lively when the days get longer. I went to inspect the cellar this morning and somebody closed the door on me. I had to shout for ten minutes before it was opened.

Christmas was quiet here because one lot of the older kittens was away, and the others had the flu, so the smoky one and the other spent the day curled up watching that funny box in the corner. I've looked round the back but I can't see how things get into it. There's nothing there! I got a new cardboard box to scratch in, a good long one that came with a tree in it. They've planted it outside but it's nothing special, not big enough to be worth climbing.

I've got a new hiding-place; you'll never guess where unless I tell you. The other one has a duvet on her bed in a big bag with buttons down one side. Well, I can wriggle through the gap between the buttons, and if I lie very still, they don't find me when they lift the duvet up to look for me. You never know when you might not want to be found. I learned that trick from the mice and rabbits. They're clever, but I'm cleverer.

Love from your very affectionate nephew,


February 2018Posted by Emma, - Fremington, Devon

TONKYWAY KALONI (Tink) dob 16 April 2017 (Zohreh & Corrie)

Hope all is going well with you, and the extended feline (and human!) family is thriving.

Needless to say, Tink is a triumph here, and has enchanted everyone she meets - despite being the naughtiest little cat ever! She is hilarious - such a character.

She may not be the bravest cat, when confronted with something unfamiliar, but she's very bold! and exceptionally clever, nimble, mischievous and dextrous - a recipe for mayhem!

But she's also very affectionate and sociable - talkative and curious, she chirrups away! And of course finds time for plenty of purr-y cuddles and sleepy snuggles; she is adorable with my old boy, Njm. They snuggle together all the time, follow each other around and wash each other's faces. Tink likes a good play-fight too - Njm is sometimes not so keen, and just wants a nap! But it's obviously doing him good. Since Tink arrived he has been very happy and relaxed, and has regained the weight he lost after his mum died.

So Tink is really everything I could have wished for. Within days of her arriving I couldn't imagine the house without her! I'll attach some photos so you can see how she's getting on.

February 2018Posted by Sula & Rich, Didcott

SIALAXYS KIO & TAIYANG dob 7 Sept 2016 (parents Mei-xing & Alexi)

It's been over a year since we picked up our little kitties from you, and I thought you were due lots of photos and an update. I meant to do this months and months ago, but time just slips by so sorry for that.

Fitz and Morty (he got renamed from Rascal) are the kings of our house now. Their every whim is catered for and I think they are quite pleased with their human subjects! They both have such different and fantastic personalities I'll describe them separately.

Fitzy is the independent boy, and has a great love for roaming his kingdom shouting at me when he feels I'm not paying enough attention at his observations. Anything vertical is instantly scaled, so as you can imagine, any cat beds are now on wardrobes/bookshelves/cupboards! He's much more active than Morty and will happily have hour long sessions leaping around the house after a cat wand. We let them out the back garden occasionally when we are out there too to supervise/shepherd and watch him chase flies but they are 100% indoor cats as it's too busy around us and I'd worry far too much. From a tiny kitten he found jumping up Rich's back and on to his shoulders was really fun, and Rich continued to train him into adulthood so he'll ride around on his shoulders whilst Rich does chores etc. He occasionally does it to me too, but I think I'm just not as comfy! Of course, like all cats sleeping time is very important and as I am now working from home pretty much all the time, I'll always have 2 furry companions clustered next to me or on me. I definitely didn't need to worry about them not being cuddly.

Morty has a very unique personality. He reminds me of a ragdoll and is completely mummy's boy, though he'll roll over and demand tummy rubs from anyone. He's floppy and cuddly and hilarious. He's taken on his mum's love for woollen or sponge cat toy balls and will play football with them or carry them around in his mouth. Both of them are very vocal! I think this is possibly because I talk so much even when I'm at home on my own, or maybe just their Siamese voices, but Morty has an amazing vocal range - we should have called him Pavarotti...! Dinner time is like feeding time at a zoo, they'll chirrup at birds, sing at me if I sing, and occasionally Morty can make a very deep almost roaring noise which always makes me jump. We always get greeted if one of us has been out, so it's really like having dogs.

They are a little wary of some visitors when they initially come in, but then they'll be very friendly. A couple of our friends have been honoured with being singled out for attention more than us!

As for general things, both of them were neutered at Jaffa Vets (amazing place) and that all went well, they are due a vets visit this month/March for an update to their vaccinations. Other than that they've been really healthy. We're still feeding raw, we've tried various different things, pre-made ground from DAF initially, then Nutriment with some of our own homemade mix. They will eat 'regular' cat food, so a high quality dry food can be useful if we go away for a night, wet canned makes them sick so they've never had that again, so really I only feed them dried if we have to. At the moment I am switching them off Nutriment on to our chopped homemade mix, and then once they have jaw strength I think I'll try to go with 'Frankenprey' if they can handle the raw meaty bones. Maybe there'll even be a day old chick on the menu in the future! I'm a huge advocate for the raw diet, despite it involving hours of research and adjustments, so thank you for introducing us to that. Their coats are beautiful, litter tray is easy to clean, and their teeth are good (my main reason for switching off ground now to keep them chewing and gums good).

Oh and they are quite big! Morty turned out to be 5.6kg and Fitz to 5.1kg. They've been stable at that for several months now so I think they're done growing.

Both of them have added so much to our lives, I can't imagine how it was to have a household without them now. They are a delight and the best companions. Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful cats into the world!

I hope you and your cats and kittens are doing well?

February 2018Posted by Maja & Iain- Quedgley, Glos

SIALAXY'S BRIGHTSTAR (Itachi) & STARDUST (Kira) dob 22 May 2016

It's been a while since I last emailed you, been meaning to for a few months now but it's been a very difficult year and just never got around to it. Better late than never though!

Itachi and Kira will be turning two in 3 months time and are definitely the most amazing, perfect, cuddly, beautiful, gorgeous ...(I could go on forever!) pussycats ever born. Itachi has matured so much, he used to be a bit jittery and hide behind his sister (unless there were new toys being introduced, then he would growl at her and not let her play until he had his turn) but now he's so brave and so clever. We jest that he was just pretending to be a bit thick when in reality he's actually a genius. One perfect example is that they know they're not allowed on kitchen worktops so Itachi has now taken to jumping and sitting on one of the barstools in the kitchen so he can see everything. Every so often he would put one paw on the worktop, then slowly another and as soon he realises he's been busted he would instantly sit back on the chair and look at us with the most innocent look ever! He would usually meow at this point which from what we could tell means "I'm just an innocent little pussycat, just making sure the worktop is stable, honest!"

The kitchen is definitely his favourite room in the house and where he's most talkative. When fussed he would just flop down and roll over to get his tummy tickled. He absolutely adores being spun around on the kitchen floor and we have even invented a new game called "Special Express" where when he's flopped down on the floor we slide him across the kitchen and watch him run back for another go, purring loudly all the way.

Kira, on the other hand, is the Lady of the Manor. She knows exactly what time it is (as in food time) and will very politely be meowing in our face until we get the hint. They know the word food so when we yell "FOODIE!" both of them stop what they're doing and meow and run circles around us. She's also become cautious and not so much a daredevil as she used to be, it's all about fusses and being social these days. Kira is the snuggle monkey and loves lying between us and getting fussed. Not to be underestimated she still wins the wrestling matches despite being smaller and there is so much wisdom in those big blue eyes that sometimes I think she can see right into my soul.

Last August we brought my mom's dog, Aladdin, over as she sadly passed. It was a bit of an adjustment for all of us as he has never lived with cats and they have never lived with dogs but in the end there was nothing to worry about. Itachi (who we thought was going to be the hard one to convince) actually got out of his shell and loves his brother and the two of them love to touch noses and play tag. Usually it's Itachi doing the chasing. It's so adorable watching him bop Aladdin's nose and poke him when he wants to play and stand up to him when he gets over excited. He's a Bichon Frise so they are roughly the same size anyway. :D

Her Royal Catness (as we call her these days as she acts, moves and even sounds like a queen) on the other hand tolerates her new brother and on occasion tries to get him in trouble. While we did fall for it at first, we're having none of it now so she is very happy instead to be sitting on us if he's nearby with a look on her face that says "I'm more important than you!" She loves attention and listens intently to everything I have to say and replies when she feels she has something to add. In the mornings we usually wake up with her either on us or next to our heads, watching over us.

Hope you and your lovely cats are well.

February 2018Posted by Barbara - Taunton, Somerset

SIALAXY NARIA (now Sky) dob 22 July 2017

Hello Julie, ( other human Mummy)

Well my mummy thought she had better send you an update on my progress so far.

I'm everything you'd hope I'd be:- Very loved, well fed, totally pampered & extremely vocal & naughty. And as you'd expect I get away with murder because I'm so adorable ??.

I settled in pretty quickly once they'd got the hang of looking after me & meeting my needs on the first meow. You've got to be pretty assertive with these humans & then getting your own way becomes the norm. I've got a big sister & she seems to have it all pretty well sussed so I've taken a few pointers from her.

I've got several nice soft warm beds and a jolly good choice of much bigger sofas, chairs & beds. Snuggling up with Uli ( that's my big sisters name) is my favourite if mummy's lap isn't available and our preferred sleeping spot is Mummy's bed. We try to start each night between Mummy & Daddy, however because I wake up early and jump on everyone- we often get shut out of there overnight!! Uli says I've got to lie quietly until the noisy thing makes a racket in the mornings- that's when giving them a wake up wash seems to be more acceptable! I'm working on this......

The food is good and I'm pretty easy to please. I eat well and I'm now over 2.6kg and growing fast. I'm constantly being told how lovely I am, it's so good to hear.

My sister is allowed out into our garden - she's very clever & is telling me all about birds ?? & insects ?? ???? & mice ?? and that one day I might be able to catch them. It looks fun.

However at the moment I wear a nice comfortable harness & mummy puts me on a very long cord. It means I can explore under supervision and I only stay outside for short periods.

Mummy is always close by....... I'm still a bit nervous and we don't think there's any boy cats around, but mummy isn't taking any chances. Also there's big buzzards & sparrow hawks that fly past & I don't like the thought of being pecked!!

I'm going to meet someone called the Vet soon, apparently they are folk that help keep us in good form. I'm going to have a day visit & my sister is coming with me to keep me company. She's going for a routine check up & it will be better for us both because then we will both smell of the vets. Apparently I'm going to come home with something called a buster suit. Whatever it is - Uli has had it - well she's ok so it can't be that bad. Mummy says it's because I'm becoming a big girl.

I've got lots of toys and I was spoilt for my first Christmas- there was yummy turkey, lots of new toys & a great tree ?? to get tangled up in. I'm a great jumper, you should see me leap. And fast, boy am I speedy. I'm up the stairs in seconds. Uli & I play chase/tag all day long so I'm getting plenty of exercise. I've got some great places to sharpen my claws. We share some great cat trees & when the weather is warmer there's a lovely cat run in the garden.

I've spent some time in there - it's pretty cool. I can spend time in the garden and I'm safe.

Mummy has written this but I've told her what to say!!

January 2018Posted by Fiona & James - Long Ashton, Somerset

SIALAXY LILAH & TONKYWAY RAVEENA born 11th & 10th Feb 2017

We moved house at the beginning of December - into a rented property for 6-8 months until the house we are buying is being finished. It was quite stressful but the cats have adapted really well with the move...we (no...James) cat proofed the new garden immediately and they have been enjoying their new garden. We even took them with us to Devon to my parents for Christmas. My parents have a huge house and again they adapted to their new surroundings very very quickly. I didn't think cats would be as happy to move between houses. I think they are just happy as long as they are with us and wherever we are. The most traumatic thing for them was the journey in the car. We kept them in as house cats in Devon and they happily roamed my parents house and found lots of warm sunny window seats to bask in - when the sun came out! They remain very close and are great companions to one another. I think Raveena is the top cat (only slightly). Raveena is the braver of the 2. We had a few cats drop into the new garden (obviously used to cutting through the garden previously and suddenly stuck in it with the netting around it!!!! Raveena stands her ground, but Lilah runs away petrified to the safety of us. I will attach some photos. Are they fully grown now? They will be 1 in February.

January 2018Posted by Zoe - Cardiff

SIALAXY AKI (Nermal) born 8 July 2017

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how well our little Nermal is getting on. He's perfectly settled and is the loveliest, funniest kitten! He really is quite a character and has now completely won over our other cat- apart from when he jumps on her head! They are buddies, which is really lovely to see. Nermal has recently started exploring our garden which he loves! We've had him on a lead introducing him to everything. He also loves his mouse which he carries into bed and plays fetch and return with like a dog!

Here are some photos of him, he's growing up fast and getting bolder by the day! He's the best!

January 2018Posted by Jan - Wokingham, Berks

TONKYWAY OZORA (now Hector) born 6 May 2017

Just thought you would like to hear an update on Hector (Ozora) with some pictures.

He is growing into a very lovely boy, very handsome and very smart. He adores our Willum, as you can see from the photos and they are great pals (partners in crime). Willum accepted Hector very quickly, just 3 days and they have been inseparable since.

We love having him as part of our family, he's just adorable.

January 2018Posted by Rachel & family- Hanley Castle, Worcs

SIALAXY QAMAR (now Ludo) dob 11 February 2017

We just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how well Qamar (pet name Ludo) has settled into our home. He is such a happy, loving cat who has become an integral part of the family. He is very friendly and loves affection. He is such a character and loves to play... especially hide and seek in the empty bath tub! He has decided he rather likes story time with our 7year old at bedtime and he also likes to pretend he is an extra teddy bear! He is in heaven when the log burner is lit and also loves sleeping on his radiator bed, but was a little surprised when we took him out to see the snow! He never stays still for long though and he just likes to be involved in everything that is happening in the household whatever that might be! He is admired by everyone who meets him and we love him very much.

January 2018Posted by Jenny - Farnham

SIALAXY SARGON (now Wilber) & SIALAXY TERUKO (now Fish) dob 16 May 2015

Hope you , family including all the cats are well ! Was just looking at their dads(Alexi) latest pic in his new home...thats wonderful! He is still so handsome and Mist's latest kittens very sweet.

Wilber and Fish are very happy and healthy ( i adore them both ) they both wear their Freedom Fence collars for 10 hours a day on average and have the run of the garden and after a couple of escapes and a bit of tweaking they have stayed inside the boundary for over 10 months now. I am so happy with it cos it gives them access to climb trees and things and to chase and catch things, but not to the road!

They are still fed almost completely on high protein grain free diet and my vet who when he saw them for the first time for this years jabs couldnt get over how healthy and muscly they both are he said WIlber is built like a street tom but obviously a lot more elegant!

Fish is mad as a hatter and very loving when it suits her and Wilber is still nervous but pushy and jealous of his sister and just loves sitting with me.

January 2018Posted by Laila & Stuart - Lacey Green, Bucks

Tonkyway Aahan (Dandi) & Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) dob 18 Sept 2017

Our sweet kittens are settling in well - purring, playing, loving cuddles and brushing. Pepi is the boss in eating, playing and exploring; once Dandi sees her doing it, he follows. He is so affectionate that my heart melts when he curls next to me... They call to each other if they get separated even for a minute. Pepi has a silent miaow whereas Dandi is louder.

Their appetite is healthy and they gnaw the chicken wings to pieces! Pepi growls whilst gnawing to warn Dandi off!

We are besotted by them both! Anushka is not quite there - she ‘listens in' for their noises and play (she has the Russian spy mentality!)

January 2018Posted by Geraldine - Powys

Tonkyway Soheil (now Percy) dob 11 Sept 2017

Here are a couple of recent photos of him - one in his latest snoozing place, a large fruit bowl - and the other a couple of weeks ago, curled up with the not very impressed spaniel! Have just weighed Percy and at 19 weeks he's now just over 3.6kg

January 2018Posted by Rena - Tickenham, Somerset

Sialaxy Twyla (now Artemis) & Sialaxy Seren (now Apollo) dob 21.07.17

Just a quick note to say that the two kittens are doing very well and a couple of photos to see how they look like at present.

They truly own us now as they say 'cats own you, you do not own them'! They are beautiful babies, very clever, gentle, playful, a real bundle of joy! They are the best friends with Romeo, our Labrador and they play with his tail for hours...he loves that too!

They both have been neutered, Apollo before Christmas and Artemis early January. Everything went really well and they are fully recovered now.

They are quite fussy with food, especially Artemis. They love Royal Canine and fresh salmon. I gave them fresh meat many times and other wet foods but they are not so keen, they prefer the fresh fish. If they do not like the food they will not eat, totally the opposite to our Labrador who eats absolutely everything....

I wanted to email you earlier but have been so busy with Christmas and all the fuss that comes with it.

Hope you are well and wishing you all the best in 2018.

January 2018Posted by Emma - Devon

Tonkyway Ziarre (now Dolly) born 16 April 2017 (Zohreh x Corrie)

Dolly is doing wonderfully. She has grown well, but is still dainty and immaculate. She is fit and so athletic - lots of climbing, jumping, chasing and games. No problems with anything at all. She is the light of my life. She follows me everywhere, snuggles under the quilt with me at night, and is just a complete joy. I'm the envy of everyone who meets her and I always joke about checking pockets before people leave, in case someone tries to steal her!!!!! She and Bertie are having a terrific love affair - his eyes have been heart shaped since he first saw her, and she decided very quickly that he is the bees knees. Mind you, she's an iron paw in a velvet glove, and takes no nonsense if he gets too excited or exuberant

She and Bertie take walks with me in Devon - we have a massive walled garden all to ourselves and it's dog proof - Dolly hates dogs and will actually go after them if I don't stop her. She's a proper little terror and actually very territorial. But she loves chasing flies, and is obsessed with birds. She caught her first two weeks ago - a little goldfinch that I managed to rescue. She actually handed it over to me quite politely.

She loves all her toys and has quickly caught on to the game of fetch that Bertie and I play with "mousey", so now it's a tag team.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this little sweetheart into my life. She is the dearest little soul I think I've ever met, and I love her unconditionally.

January 2018Posted by Christine & Gordon - Abingdon, Oxon

Tonkyway Seiya (now Biscuit) & Tonkyway Suhaila (Nutmeg) dob 4 Dec 2014

Very sorry for being out of touch and not sending you some news of our kittens for a long time.

You very kindly gave us Suhaila and Seiya, born December 2014 to Carina. I hope this finds you well.

We have called the cats Nutmeg and Biscuit, and their picture is attached. I expect you remember because your memory is amazing, but Nutmeg/Suhaila is the seal point, Biscuit/Seiya is the tabby tonk.

They have been very healthy and an absolute delight, both very affectionate, following us about the house if not asleep and enjoying 'helping' with tasks! It is lovely to come home from work, and they will even be sleepily on the hall rug to welcome me if they have been asleep.

Nutmeg is perhaps the most Tonk like in temperament, very confident and extrovert, was very good at 'fetch' (although seems to have forgotten at the moment!) and loves 'hide and seek' at bedtime and going to high places.

Biscuit has been a bit more timid around strangers, but actually now a lot better. She is the one who really loves her cuddles though! She also is more chatty, and has a more siamese like loud miaow! She has stayed quite a bit smaller than Nutmeg.

We have managed to 'cat proof' the backgarden, so they really enjoy running up and down it and climbing our tree. There have been occasional 'break outs' but the cat proofing seems to be holding at present!!

Nutmeg has had 2 episodes pancreatitis this year which was a bit worrying, but the second time we caught it early as we were more aware of the signs. Both times she recovered quickly and well. However, on the first occasion she stayed at the vets overnight, and when returned home Biscuit unfortunately didn't recognise her and was aggressive for 10 days. I read about feline non-recognition aggression syndrome and tried various things and eventually all back to normal again! They love being cuddled up together.

We looked at your website this week and were so sorry to hear about Sky, Venus and Dipper.. and particularly to hear about the awful situation with Venus and the fake vet, that is truly horrific and we cannot imagine how upsetting for you.

Well, I hope you enjoy seeing their photo. Thank you again so much for such lovely cats.

We would love to come visit again sometime, and see yourself and your cats and kittens once more! Glad to hear Carina, Tseen-She and Sitara are all ok and doing well, lovely to see Tseen-She and Sitara being mums to their own kittens!

love from us both, and of course the kittens (we still call them kittens!)

2018 Jan Tonkyway Seiya (Bisuit) & Tonkyway Suhaila (nutmeg) dob 4 Dec 14.jpg 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ziarre (Dolly) dob 16 Apr 17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ziarre (Dolly) dob 16 Apr 17 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.01.17 (2).JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.01.17 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.07.17 (3).JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.07.17 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.07.17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxys Twyla & Seren (now Artemis & Apollo) dob 21.07.17 2018 Jan Tonkyway Soheil (now Percy) aged 19 wks.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Soheil (now Percy) aged 19 wks.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Soheil (now Percy).JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Soheil (now Percy).JPG 2018 Jan Tonkway Asia (now Pepi) dob 18_09.17.jpg 2018 Jan Tonkway Asia (now Pepi) dob 18_09.17 2018 Jan Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) & Aahan (Dandi) dob 18.09.17.jpg 2018 Jan Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) & Aahan (Dandi) dob 18.09.17 2018 Jan Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) dob 18.09.17.jpg 2018 Jan Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) dob 18.09.17 2018 Jan Sialaxys Sargon & Teruko (Wilber & Fish) aged 2.5.jpg 2018 Jan Sialaxys Sargon & Teruko (Wilber & Fish) aged  2.5 2018 Jan Sialaxys Sargon & Teruko (Wilber & Fish) dob. May 2015jpg.jpg 2018 Jan Sialaxys Sargon & Teruko (Wilber & Fish) dob. May 2015 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar (Ludo) 11 mths.jpg 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar (Ludo) 11 mths 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar (Ludo) dob 11 Feb 17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar (Ludo) dob 11 Feb 17 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar(Ludo) aged 11 months.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Qamar(Ludo) aged 11 months 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) aged 6 months.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) aged 6 months 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) born 8 July 17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) born 8 July 17 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) dob 8.7.17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (Nermal) dob 8.7.17 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (now Nermal) born 8 July 17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Aki (now Nermal) born 8 July 17 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (Hector) & pal Willum.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (Hector) & pal Willum 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (Hector) dob 6.5.17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (Hector) dob 6.5.17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (now Hector) dob 6.5.17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Ozora (now Hector) dob 6.5.17. 2018 Feb Sialaxy Naria (Sky) & Uli.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Naria (Sky) born 22 July 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Naria (Sky) dob 22.07.17.JPG 2018 Jan Sialaxy Lilah dob 11 Feb 17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Raveena born 10 Feb 17.JPG 2018 Jan Tonkyway Raveena dob 10 Feb 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Brightstar (Itachi) dob 22.05.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxy Stardust (Kira) dob 22.05.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxy's Stardust (Kira) & Brightstar (Itachi) dob 22.05.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxys Brightstar & Stardust (Itachi & Kira) dob 22.05.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxys Kio & Taiyang (Morty & Fitz) dob 07.09.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxys Taiyang & Kio (Fitz & Morty) dob 07.09.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxys Taiyang & Kio (Morti & Fitz) born 07.09.16.jpg 2018 Tonkyway Kaloni (Tinkerbell) dob 16.04.17.JPG Njm and Tink asleep.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxys Kaiyang & Rio (Morty & Fitz) dob 7.9.16.jpg Sialaxy Kio (Morty) dob 7.9.16.jpg 2018 Feb Sialaxy Arell(Henry) born Oct 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Arell(Henry) born Oct 17 2018 Feb Sialaxy Blumoon (Billy) born Oct 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Blumoon (Billy) born Oct 17 2018 Feb Sialaxy Purnima dob Feb 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Purnima dob Feb 17 2018 Feb Sialaxy Sohalia dob Feb 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxy Sohalia dob Feb 17 2018 Feb Sialaxys Arell(Henry) & Blumoon (Billy) born Oct 2017.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxys Arell(Henry) & Blumoon (Billy) born Oct 2017 2018 Feb Sialaxys Blumoon (Billy) & Arell (Henry) born Oct 2017.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxys Blumoon (Billy) & Arell (Henry) born Oct 2017 2018 Feb Sialaxys Purnima & Sohalia dob Feb 17.JPG 2018 Feb Sialaxys Purnima & Sohalia dob Feb 17 2018 March Sialaxy (Mali) dob 9.6.17.JPG 2018 March Sialaxy Somali dob 9.6.17.JPG 2018 April Sialaxy Semine dob 22 July 17.jpg 2018 May Sialaxy Celena & Jace dob 27.11.17.JPG 2018 May Sialaxy Celena & Jace dob 27.11.17 Sialaxy Celena & Jace companions.jpg Sialaxy Celena & Jace companions 2018 July (Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) dob 11.09.17 (b).JPG 2018 July (Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin)a.jpg 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin) 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin)b.jpg 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin) 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin)c.jpg 2018 July Sialaxy Auriga (Hedy) & Almirfak (Darwin) 2018 July Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) dob 11.09.17 (a).JPG 2018 July Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) 2018 July Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) dob 11.9.17PG.JPG 2018 July Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) 2018 Aug Tonkyway Kiran (Leo) & Luna.jpg 2018 Sept Sialaxy Damia (Dharma) & Tuwa (Bodi).jpg 2018 Sept Sialaxy Damia (Dharma) & Tuwa (Bodi) 2018 Sept Sialaxy Tuwa (Bodi).jpg 2018 Sept Sialaxy Tuwa (Bodi) 2018 Sept Sialaxys Damia (Dharma) & Tuwa(Bodi) .jpg 2018 Sept Sialaxy Damia (Dharma) & Tuwa (Bodi) 2018_Sept_Sialaxys_Tuwa___Damia__Bodhi___Dharma__Taurina_x_Flint_Litter_.JPG 2018 Sept Pippa and Dandi.JPG 2018 Sept Pippa and Dandi 2018 Sept Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) & Aahan (Dandi) dob 18 Sept 17.JPG 2018 Sept Tonkyway Asia (Pepi) & Aahan (Dandi) dob 18 Sept 17 2018 Sept Tonkyways Asia & Aahan RippleRug play.JPG 2018 Sept Tonkyways Asia & Aahan RippleRug play 2018 July Tonkyway Astin & Thaqib (Stan & Olli - Sitara Comet kitts).JPG 2018 Sept Tonkyway Thaqib & Astin (Stan & Ollie) dob 3.3.18.JPG 2018 Oct - Sialaxy Lacerta (now Cassie) with friends.jpg 2018 Oct Sialaxy Cymbaline (Neko - Chai & Magic 2016 litter).JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Cymbaline (Neko) & friend Claude.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Cymbaline (Neko) born 2016.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Lacerta (Cassie) born March.jpg 2018 Oct Sialaxy Starlit (Lily - Darkstar & Alexi kitt 2016).jpg 2018 Oct Sialaxy Starlit (Lily) dob 2016.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Taarachand (Percy & Charlie born March 2018.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Taarachand (Percy & Charlie born March 2018 2018 Oct Sialaxy Tarachand (now Percy) dob 10 Mar 18.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Tarachand (now Percy) dob 10 Mar 18 2018OctSialaxyOpheliaPollyNeonaLeoLitter.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Ophelia Polly Neona Leo Litter 2018OctSialaxysOpheliaPollyStephanoMaxNeonaLeolitter.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Ophelia Polly Neona Leo Litter 2018OctSialaxysStephanoMaxOpheliaPollyNeonaLeolitter.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Ophelia Polly Neona Leo Litter SialaxyStephanoMaxdob02Feb18.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Stephano Max 2018_Oct_Sialaxy_Somesh__Kenwyn__dob_16_May_18.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Somesh Kenwyn (dob 16 May 18) 2018_Oct_Sialaxy_Somesh__Kenwyn___Mist_Litter_2018.JPG 2018 Oct Sialaxy Somesh Kenwyn (Mist Litter 2018) 2018_Oct_Tonkyways_Thaqib__Stan____Astin__Olli_.JPG 2018 Oct Tonkyways Thaqib (Stan Astin Olli) 2018 Oct Sialaxys Arjun and Anjum (Biscuit and Crumble) dob 26 May 18.jpg 2018 Nov Bodi of Willowriver.JPG 2018 Nov Bodi.JPG 2018 Nov Sialaxy Twyla (Artemis) and Seren (Apollo) dob 20.07.17.jpg 2018 Nov Sialaxys Seren (Apollo) and Twyla (Artemis) at 16 months.JPG 2018 Nov Sialaxys Seren (Apollo) and Twyla (Artemis) Mei litter 2017.jpg 2018 Nov Sialaxys Seren and Twyla (Apollo and Artemis) 16 months old.JPG 2018 Nov Sialaxys Twyla (Artemis) and Seren (Apollo) aged 16 months.jpg 2018 Dec Tonkyway Ziarra (Dolly and pal Bertie) aged 19 months.jpeg 2018 Dec Tonkyway Ziarra (Dolly) born April 2017.jpg 2018 Dec Tonkyway Tellus (Jamie)born 2 Apr 17.JPG 2018 Nov Tonkyway Tellus (Jamie) born 2 Apr 17.JPG 2018 Dec Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) 15 months.JPG 2018 Dec Tonkyway Soheil (Percy) born 11.09.17.JPG 2018 Dec Tonkyway Soheil (Percy)- 11.09.17.JPG 2018 Dec Tonkyway Tsukino (Sergio) dob 02.04.17.JPG 2018 Dec Tonkyway Keiyona 1 yr 10 mths.jpg 2018 Dec Tonkyway Keiyona at 1 yr 10mths.jpg 2018 Dec Tonkyway Sahar aged 10mths.jpg