I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

November 2016Posted by Sarah - Mortimer

Tonkyway Abalendu (Milo) & Calypso (Monty) dob 16 Sept 2015

Hope you are well. Thought I would give you a quick update on the boys.

Milo (abalendu) and Monty(kalypso) are now one and as you can see from the attached photo are best of friends with our old girl Cassie. Although they are both bigger than her, she is the boss, but she is happy to give them a wash and they love it. They get on very well as two boys and continue to give us many hours of entertainment. They are extremely affectionate and most evenings I get 3 cats trying to get on my knee unless the fire is lit when they form their cat triangle!

November 2016Posted by Sue - Weymouth, Dorset

SIALAXY CYMBALINE (Neko) dob 24 Feb 16 & SIALAXY STARLIT (Lily) dob 22 May 16.

The Watcher & The Delinquent

A few pics of Neko, the Watcher - it takes a while for him to get spurred into action and usually just sits and watches life go by, apart from when in hunting mode - he brought in a live baby rat the other evening! That was fun! He loves the garden. Also pees in the flower tub, lol! He is lovely and big and sturdy, and doesn't mind if I stroke his tummy when he is rolling around on his back. He seems to have taken to my hubby - or at least, his moccasins, as he is often to be seen rubbing his face on them! He is a quirky little character - still won't be seen to be having a fuss if the others are around, but get him on his own and he's all for it!

And Lily - she is a real livewire and has fulfilled all my expectations in character, looks, personality and more. She is a complete delinquent, just like all my others have been! That's her up the tree, sitting on the gate to the top garden, and in the box! She has mesmerising eyes, I feel them on me and turn round and she is staring straight into mine. If she wants a game or a cuddle, she sits and just stares at me and tells me by telepathy! Well, it certainly seems like that, anyway! She loves a cuddle too, which is lovely. Her coat is so soft and she feels quite weighty now, although she can be a fussy eater. She prefers dried food, I think. Neko eats anything!

We have decided that a Christmas tree is probably a no-no this year, with Lily's obsession with climbing trees!

May 2017
Neeks spends his time hunting, and he has taught Lily to do it too. EVERY day I have to rescue and remove either a slow worm or a live or dead shrew (large or small), and sometimes it's both, or several of one or the other! Nothing more disconcerting than stepping on a slow worm that has been frightened under the kitchen rug. But I am used to the little shrews scurrying over my feet and under my desk - I keep a plastic box to scoop the little critters up in, and put them out the front where the cats can't go so at least they stand a better chance of survival! Half of the wildlife from my back garden now lives in the front one!
Neko is still very aloof and not keen to be picked up or smoothed too much, though he does allow me to rub his lovely furry tum. The vet says he is in tip top condition so I'm very pleased. He weighed in at 4.23 kg. They both eat all sorts of cat food with no problem.
Lily makes a lot of eye contact with me - and she loves a fuss, and cuddles. Dead opposite from Neko as she is not shy about it! As you can see, Lily is just beautiful. Their voices are getting a bit louder and stronger now at last! Neko can be on the nervy side - runs when the doorbell goes, like Claude does, but Lily is pretty bomb proof - not much phases her.
When I call Clover to come and get her eye drops done, several times a day, Lily rushes up and sits alongside, waiting for half of one of Clover's yogurt drops (that I give her as a reward for having her eyes done) Lily thinks she deserves one too! After breakfast, Clover has a crunchy dried fish cube - Lily hangs around under Clover's chin waiting for little crumbs to fall to the floor - I've started letting her have a tiny piece of her own on some days. I am sure Lily thinks she is a dog! She is just so full of character.
Anyway, I could go on all night about the pair of them, but I'll stop now as I am sure you are busy with the new generations.
Give Darkstar a lovely big smoothie from me and tell her what a clever girl she is for producing such a special daughter!

November 2016Posted by Abi - Paignton, Devon

TONKYWAY SIMIN (now Otis) & TONKYWAY XIA dob 15 June 2016

Just thought I'd send you a little update of how the kittens are doing!

They are growing at quite a rate now, especially Simin who is a big boy! I can hardly believe he will get any bigger but of course he will. Xia has totally come around to us now and is as much of a lap cat as her brother. She loves fuss and cuddles, even with the children! They are both fed a mix of Royal Canin kibble and Purrform raw food which they just love but costs me a small fortune! They are worth it though. They also seem to love drinking water more than any cat I've known, I am constantly refreshing their bowls. Simin went to the vet this month for his little procedure, although you wouldn't have known he had been anywhere he was so manic when he got home. It is Xia's turn next month which I'm more worried about as I've heard the recovery can be harder for the girls.

They both love play-fighting still and also like to play "fetch" by bringing their toys for us to throw for them again. Xia especially likes to be warm and will often climb under the duvet with me at night. She has also worked out that my heated airer is a very good place to curl up on, always on some clean laundry!

They still continue to bring us heaps of happiness and laughter. Tonks really are the perfect family cat. Hope your family and all the cats and kittens are well and you're looking forward to a peaceful Christmas.

October 2016Posted by Henrietta, Exeter

TONKYWAY SHAULA (Cassie)dob 13/01/13 & TONKYWAY METEOR (Kenny)dob 12/06/16

Just a quick note to say that we are loving our feline family - Cassie (our brown tonk girl) has finally given up trying to be offended and totally accepted the kittens, they are a really happy family. Both Kenny and Lottie are incredibly sociable and confident kittens with the loudest purrs, and they both share a penchant for having their tummies tickled and rubbed, rolling over to offer their bellies up to us! Fabulous big personalities and they wow everyone who meets them.

October 2016Posted by Sarah - Epsom, Surrey

Sialaxy Almirfak & Hokulani(now Darwin & Tesla) dob 26 Sept 2014

Slightly belated but thought I'd just touch base with you as Tesla and Darwin have now just passed their second birthday and we can no longer remember life before them!

They are still very playful and have fixated on favourite toys, Tesla loves tied up plastic bags and Darwin loves anything with feathers (including my fascinator which met a slightly unfortunate end!). They bring us toys to play with even at night and we have woken up on some mornings with two cats and two toys in the bed!

October 2016Posted by Sarah, Sawbrigeworth Herts

TONKYWAY SIGMA (Rothko), ESTRELA (Boudicca), SIALAXY KHALANI (Juno), Born July 2016

Hard to get them all in the one place, but they're much more peaceable with each other now, playing and eating together. Tonk boy (Rothco) is a gentleman, truly lovely cat. Tonk Girl (Boo [Boudicca]) is a darling, very sweet and non complicated. Siamese (Juno) is still a bit nervy, but loves a fuss and lots of love and is playing well with the others, especially the boy. She is truly beautiful, one of the most beautiful cats I've ever come across. All doing well and putting on lots of weight. They are now starting to realise they have us under their little paws and are starting to control us a bit.
Thanks Julie, Sarah

October 2016Posted by Sarah - Burbage, Leicestershire

Tonkyway Roksana (now Nala) dob 22 July 2016

Just thought I'd send you another email to update you on our little lady. She's settled in amazingly well and has already made friends with our Australian Mist Roo. They are honestly the cutest pair! Nala is eating well and is in to everything, she is so loving & very chatty! She's settled right in!

September 2016Posted by Maja & Iain - Glos

SIALAXY BRIGHTSTAR (now Itachi) Male; SIALAXY STARDUST (now Kira) F dob: 22 May 2016

An update on our gorgeous hyper little troublemakers. Itachi and Kira are both doing very well and are two very confident and VERY curious pussycats. They were very scared when we first brought them home and now they have taken over the house. They have to be everywhere and see and monitor everything otherwise we get told off. Itachi started off very reserved, following Kira around everywhere while Kira was taking full advantage of bossing him around and getting into every nook and cranny, our brave little madam. Now he is bigger than her, tables have turned. He likes to pounce on her and easily wins their daily wrestling matches. He is also a very possessive little snugglemonkey while Kira prefers to be in her house on her own, probably because every time she's having a fuss her big brother decides it's "play time". He's got a lot better lately and realises there are enough fusses to go around. Otherwise they get along very well, love to run around and wrestle and despite the sibling rivalry if they somehow find themselves on opposite sides of a door they will meow until reunited.

We took them to the vets first thing and he said they were "two healthy perfect kittens". Can't do much else other than agree. They have truly enriched our lives.

Thank you for letting us have them!

September 2016Posted by Lorna - Chiswick, London

SIALAXY TYCHO & SIALAXY ECLIPSE (now Zazu & Zephyr) dob 4 Dec 2013

I have been meaning to email you for soooooo long but somehow life got in the way and the boys (or the Zs as they're known) are over 2 years old!

They are a delight. They are super affectionate and playful and are the best of friends. They spend all their time together and sleep curled up round each other ( in one of their many furry nests throughout the house). They love sun bathing in the garden and chasing flies but their only 'kills' are the slowest moving creatures in their territory- slugs!

I have attached a few pics of them at different ages..... Thank you so much for our two splendid, furry kids.

September 2016Posted by Sue - Portesham, Dorset

SIALAXY CYMBALINE (Neko) dob 17 Feb 2016 & SIALAXY STARLIT (Lily) dob 22 May 2016

Julie, I have to say my two kittens from you have been such a pleasure and cheered me up so much when I was feeling very down after losing two of my last three oldies close together at the start of the year, plus getting my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis around the same time. These two make me smile and laugh every day, even when I hurt or feel under the weather. It is even more wonderful now they play tag with each other. Evenings are absolutely chaotic! I'd forgotten what fun it could be, as my oldies were adult, and then senior, for soooo many years! I am really going to make the most of Neko and Lily, and if I was in a position to have another, I would be putting my name down for a blue point next! :)

Lily is MUCH naughtier and cheekier than Neko, by the way! There was me thinking she would be hard work as she seemed so terrified when we first brought her home. You should see the little imp now! Lol! Just a while ago I found her bum to bum with Clover in Clover's bed!

September 2016Posted by Sarah - Blythe, Northumberland

SIALAXY HELIOS & SIALAXY ELIANNE (Ivy) dob 17 February 2016

Just a little update about Helios and Ivy :)

Both have had their ops and have long recovered, Ivy has a brown smudge on her side where the fur has grown back but I've assured her it will fade out to her beautifully creamy white given time. They ADORE Mac the cavalier and if the door to the sitting room is closed (heavens forbid!) they will cry to be let in so they can get in his kennel with him! Mac thinks it's fantastic that Helios keeps bringing his kitty toys into the kennel :D we only had one or two scratched puppy noses until he learned how to play "properly" but now the pair of them have him well trained. I post their photos regularly to Instagram using the tags #oldstylesiamesecatclub and #sialaxysiamese if you get the chance to check them out.

September 2016Posted by Veronica

SIALAXY STARMIST (now Phoebe) dob 22 May 2016

Well….. what can I say. This is the most wonderful little bundle of kitten. She is gorgeous. Adorable. Divine. Delightful. I am totally smitten. And she seems to love me a lot too, which is just what I needed from my cat. Has been 16 years since I last had a kitten around, and 5 since I last had cats living with me. Like living in a drought. I feel “right” again now somehow. I don't think a house can be a home without a pet to share it with. You, most clearly, agree!!!

So thank you for breeding and raising the most wonderful cats. Special. So, so special, what you do, the care and effort and energy you put in, and the kittens you hand on at the end. Thank you.

Update: October
Phoebe…… the most special little cat imaginable. I simply adore her, and she adores me in return. Thank you, thank you, thank you! She has a wonderful temperament, is exceedingly charming, affectionate, chatty, naughty, funny, clever, and mad. Divine. I love her. Mark loves her too. They are great play pals! She follows me around wherever I am, unless she needs an undisturbed sleep, when she finds a comfy place to sleep. She rides on my shoulders and steals my porridge in the mornings given less than half a chance. Couldn't have wished for a more perfect cat. She has brought me great love, joy and laughter. To watch her crazy time is something else. I have got very little work done this past month! She has developed an interesting manic time around our house (there is a complete circuit downstairs if I leave the sitting room door open, and long lengths of shiny flooring) which involves a generally high speed combination of free running, climbing, speed skating and circuit sprint training! She is most definitely getting plenty of exercise indoors! We have spoiled her with a Hicat climbing/sleeping tower in the kitchen and a wonderful floor to ceiling climbing tree from Profeline in Germany in the sitting room. Mark has taken the change in decor remarkably well, especially since he was not fore warned!!! My friends say she is the most spoiled cat they have ever come across, but I say the most loved! And actually, training her she is not allowed on the kitchen work surfaces or dining room table is going as well as can be expected. She is very clever.

August 2016Posted by Nicki - Ogham, Surrey

Tonkyway Tarika (now Bliss) & Salary Catcha Fallingstar (Blue) dob 22 May 2016

Just writing to let you know how the kittens are getting on. They have been with us for a week now and Catcha-Fallingstar is known as ‘Blue' and Tarika is known as ‘Bliss'.

Well Blue and Bliss have settled in amazingly. They grow in confidence each every day. They are eating well and make great use of all their toys and cat trees, as well as beds, laps and shoulders!! What is really lovely is that they have become very close. They play together all of the time, sleep together and eat together - if one can't see the other, then they call out for each other.

Blue is a very busy boy and is growing bigger every day. Bliss loves cuddles and has taken to sleeping with our daughter Ruby every night. The bother purr like tractors, and are getting on really well with our 3 little dogs! Blue chooses to seek out their company, whereas Bliss just even in the slightest bit bothered about their existence.

2017 April Update: I hope that you are well?i just wanted to send you this lovely picture of Blue and Bliss happy curled up in bed with our dogs as they often do (they are right at the back). Also sent a picture of their new playground, finished today!

August 2016Posted by Francesca, Devon

Sialaxy Senay (Hamish) dob (14 April 2015 & Sialaxy Soleil (Edmund) dob: 17 Feb 2016

Hi Julie...a few photos of Hamish and Edmund together the boys go everywhere together and worry when separated. Hamish and Edmund have got on with each other from the start and I had no problems bringing a new kitten into the home as Hamish adores him.

June 2016Posted by Becky - Aldershot, Hants

Tonkyway Alshain (now Hank) & Tonkyway Anilam (now Walter) dob 04/12/14

Hope you are well. I have been meaning to write to you for ages now but time has flown by. Just wanted to give you an update on Tonkyway Anilam (Walter - Brown) and Tonkyway Alshain (Hank - Blue CPP) DOB 4/12/14.

They couldn't be more different ?? Hank is very outgoing and likes everybody to think he is in charge! His greeting to any guest is to climb onto their shoulders and Demand attention. Walter has a number of personalities dependant on his mood. He likes to sit back and suss people out (by staring at them intensely!) everyone thinks he is shy and very sweet but we know different. He is definitely the one in charge and bosses his brother around on a daily basis and is always the one getting into mischief. They are so affectionate and always want to cuddle up to us. They keep us entertained everyday with their antics. We love them so much and are so grateful to you for letting us have such amazing cats. One of my clients at work Has a kitten that Chertan sired, he is coming in next week for neutering so I am very excited to meet him. Jordan is currently building a cat run in the garden so I will send you some pics when it is done (this of course has taken priority over all the other diy jobs that need to be done!!)

April 2016Posted by Susie, Surrey

Tonkyway Neiren (now Humphrie) dob 9 July 2015

April 2016Posted by Sarah - Mortimer

Tonkyway Kalypso (now Monty) & Tonkyway Abalendu (now Milo) dob 16 Sept 2015

As you can see the boys are great friends and our old girl Cassie is very happy to join in the cuddles! They are both thriving, Milo (blue boy) still sneezes occasionally but remains well. Monty is a very attractive cat, the photos don't really show it well but he has stripes on his legs and spots on his trunk. Must be inherited from his tabby grandparent.

Both boys were castrated about 2 weeks ago. No problems.

They are providing us with much amusement and pleasure. Thank you.

April 2016Posted by Lorna - Chiswick

Sialaxy Tycho (now Zazu) & Sialaxy Eclipse (now Zephyr) dob 4 December 2013

I have been meaning to email you for soooooo long but somehow life got in the way and the boys (or the Zs as they're known) are over 2 years old!

They are a delight. They are super affectionate and playful and are the best of friends. They spend all their time together and sleep curled up round each other ( in one of their many furry nests throughout the house). They love sun bathing in the garden and chasing flies but their only 'kills' are the slowest moving creatures in their territory- slugs!

I have attached a few pics of them at different ages..... Thank you so much for our two splendid, furry kids.

2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialaxy Eclipse (Zephyr.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialaxy Eclipse (Zephyr) (2).jpg 2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialay Eclipse (Sephyr) (3).jpg

April 2016Posted by Sally-Ann, Chelmsford


Please see attached recent photographs of Loki and Xian, still beautiful and loving each other. We take them away a lot and every time Xian sees a bag she packs herself, whilst Loki stands guard to make sure he is not forgotten. They are both such a joy and training them has been very easy, they jump onto the dresser as soon as I get their leads and harasses out and really explore wherever we go and climbing trees is very easy and fast - one minute on the ground the next up a tree. Fortunately so far they have come down the same way they went up so we have not had to climb up and untangle their leads. Rabbit holes are very exciting but they are not keen on bees having caught one and been severely buzzed they stay well clear. Such wonderful guard cats they take after Xing as they happily growl and fluff up if they do not like someone, the other day they were giving the scaffolders a hard time and it is surprising how scared a grown man can be. On the other hand they are wonderful with children and tolerate quite a bit before they go into hiding.

Loki's favourite place is on the fridge/freezer and he wraps his paws around your wrist when you open the door to check everything going in and coming out. He is always hungry, he does not make normal Siamese noises he kind of gurgles at you and it can get very loud especially when chicken or fish is not cooling quick enough. Xian is just like having a dog, wherever you go she follows and it gets quite tiring for her some days, she then climbs your leg and insists on being carried everywhere. However; she is extra vocal when she wants everyone in the same room she is in.

Absolutely the best buy ever - we adore them - thank you for selecting us to be their companions.

2016 April Loki & Xian cuddle up.jpg 2016 April Loki & Xian start packing.jpg

April 2016Posted by Jenny - Farnham

SIALAXY SARGON (now Wilber) & SIALAXY TERUKO (now Fish) dob 16 May 2015

Thought I would update you now my babies are nearly 11 months old. So as you can see they are growing out of at least one their many beds. They are both amazing adorable cats and a credit to you Sargon who I call Wilber is strong and very heavy ,yet no fat on him . He is still the most nervous and always waits for Fish (Teruko) to go first in any new or scary situation but soon gets bold and squatters ..she just whimpers and waits for them to go or be evicted.

I haven't let them out yet as I want to get freedom fence fitted. However the way they charge around the house like stampeding buffalo it will need to be sooner rather than later.

They eat well . Mostly high meat content food and no grains at all They love raw chicken wings and minced rabbit and treats of raw chicken hearts .

Fish is soft and cuddly and adventurous she goes crazy when I brush her with the zoom groom and and gets quite ecstatic . They both pilfer. She with soft toys and he likes pens and lids etc. Wilber is almost aggressive in his demands for strokes and chin rubs! He reminds me of his dad when he rolls over in his bed for a tummy tickle.

2016 April Sialaxy Sargon & Teruko investigating.jpg 2016 April Sialaxy Sargon & Teruko.jpg 2016 April Sialaxy Sargon (Wilber) & Teruko (Fish).jpg

April 2016Posted by Glenis - Bromsgrove

Tonkyway Tulay dob 16 Sept 2015

I just wanted to let you know that Tulay has settled beautifully into our home - his new home!

He was as good as gold all the way home in the car, and although I tried to keep him in our little breakfast room he was having none of it! He explored all around our house with confidence before finally collapsing on the sofa to sleep the evening away. Then he was up all night!!

My son and Tulay played all through the night - I don't know who enjoyed it most - tonight I will put my foot down!

Tulay is eating well, using the litter tray and is generally just an all round superstar!

Simba, our big lilac siamese is very interested but just a little hesitant - Tulay on the other hand just can't wait to make friends! I really want to take things slowly with them but they have come face to face a few times so I thought I would just continue with a few minutes together every now and then and see how they behave under supervision - so far so good!

I can't thank you enough for allowing us to have him Julie, we have decided to keep his name the same, he is so full of mischief we just love him already.

2016 Tulay (1).jpg 2016 Tulay (2).jpg 2016 April Tulay and friend Simba.jpg

March 2016Posted by Serena, Barbados

SIALAXY SIRRAH (now Xing) dob 1 May 2014 & SALARY SAIPH (now Chaiya) dob 5 May 2014

I thought you might like to know how the two boys are doing. In August they will have been with me two quickly the time passes! I love them to pieces and get so much pleasure from them. Xing is quite a bit longer in the body than Chaiya and both weigh over 10 lbs compared to Skye's 6+ lbs. They love to pounce on Skye when she is sleeping and I am sure they get great amusement when she leaps up, naughty boys.

I finally stopped all Skye's treatments two to three times a week at the vet as it was too stressful for her and I came to the conclusion it was almost cruel and selfish of me to put her through that any longer as I had been doing it for almost two years. My vet advised me to just take her home, give her her meds every day and see what happened. Well that was almost two years ago and my precious girl is still here with me and much happier than she was. I am amazed and delighted at how well she is doing and she will be 15 in May. Every day is a precious gift.

The boys are full of beans and play fetch which amuses everyone greatly. Do they by any chance have a touch of dog in them?? They really are the sweetest creatures and wonderful company for me.

Anyway we are all very happy and all three are incredibly spoiled. It is lovely to see the three of them curled up together and of course they all insist on sleeping in my bed at night.

I hope all is well with you and Easter greetings to you and your family.

Chaiya & Xing Xing.jpg Xing Chaiya and Skye.jpg

March 2016Posted by Pam & Peter, Enfield

SIALAXY KONANE (now Barnaby) dob 14 April 2015

You may not remember us, but we bought one of Mizuki's kittens called Sialaxy Konane, now renamed Barnaby, from you last August and we have been meaning to contact you for ages to let you know how we are all getting on. Firstly, he is the most amazing cat, doing all the things that a Siamese is supposed to do and more, really affectionate, inquisitive, noisy and hilarious. He and our German Shepherd Jezebel have formed a fabulous bond, they roll round the floor together playing and we find Barnaby sleeping in the middle of Jez's bed and Jez on the floor, so no problems whatsoever with him. We love him dearly and would not change him for anything (he is currently trying to sit on my head, purring loudly and looking intently at me).

March 2016Posted by Geoff, Coulsdon, Surrey


Just to thank you again for letting me have Andrew (Janus). Attached are a few pics.

He really is the most lovely affectionate cat I have ever known, he has such a marvellous generous personality, and is a wonderful companion.
2016 Janus (now Andrew) 2016 Janus (now Andrew)

March 2016 Posted by Katherine, Wiveliscombe

SIALAXY SAENG-DAO (now Buddy) dob 3 Jan 2012

It is lovely to hear from you. His pet name is Buddy and he doing very well. I remember when we met, I said I would really like a male seal point with a dark coat and he is exactly that and very handsome - as you can see from the attached pictures. He is an absolute delight and we refer to him as the third child! He has a lovely personality and is very friendly although cautious of strangers, particularly young children (but fine with my kids who are 7 & 10 years) - he just prefers adults & I cant blame him! He is an outdoor cat, and loves going outside, and makes a good hunter. If he hasn't been out much during the day, in the evening he likes to expend his excess energy with his own toys and doesn't hesitate to make sure he gets the attention from an adult by biting their ankles (gently though). At night he sleeps in my room by my feet just like a guard dog! He is gentle and likes a cuddle, he particularly likes to sit on my husbands lap in the evenings - I think it is because he is warmer than me. He has been in good health and I haven't had to take him to the vets at all other than for his boosters, and when I do they always comments on how lovely he is and he doesn't make a fuss at all - other than lots of noise! He has a good appetite but does prefer the finer foods and raw meats.

We moved to a house in Wiveliscombe about six months ago and I have been feeling a bit sorry for Buddy because I think he had made some cat friends in our old neighbourhood. I often used to see him outside with another black cat, and I think they were both kittens at the same time and formed a friendship which was so cute. I see that one of my new neighbours has quite a few cats that I think are Persian or Birman. They are quite inquisitive and I hope Buddy gets along with them. So my only regret of getting Buddy, is that I wish I had got 2 kittens so he had a companion. Anyhow, he is stuck with us as somewhat larger companions now!

2016 Buddy 2016 Buddy 2016 Buddy

March 2016 Posted by Jacky, Devizes

SIALAXY ACHERNAR (now Nero) dob 26 September 2014

Just a line to let you know that we have had Nero for just over a year now and what a fantastic chap he is.
I have attached a few photos.
2016 Nero 2016 Nero

6 March 2016 Posted by Linda & Paul, Havant

Tonkyway Kokab (now Gizmo) - Happy First Birthday

2016 Kokab (Gizmo) on First Birthday 2016 Kokab (Gizmo) on First Birthday

3 Jan 2016 Posted by Sally - Cornwall

Salary Indu (now King) - Happy Fourth Birthday

2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) at 4 yrs 2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) at 4 yrs
2016 Kokab (Gizmo) 1 year birthday.jpg 2016 Kokab (Gizmo) 1 year birthday 2016 Kokab (Gizmo) on First Birthday.jpg 2016 Kokab (Gizmo) on First Birthday 2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) 4 yrs old.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) 4 yrs old 2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) at 4 yrs.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Indu (King) at 4 yrs 2016 Janus (now Andrew).jpg 2016 Tonkyway Janus (now Andrew).jpg 2016 Saeng-Dao (Buddy) aged 4 lying.jpg 2016 Saeng-Dao (Buddy) aged 4 rolling.jpg 2016 Saeng-Dao (Buddy) aged 4.jpg 2016 Nero 1.jpg 2016 Nero 2.jpg 2016 April Loki & Xian cuddle up.jpg 2016 April Loki & Xian start packing.jpg 2016 April Sialaxy Sargon & Teruko investigating.jpg 2016 April Sialaxy Sargon & Teruko.jpg 2016 April Sialaxy Sargon (Wilber) & Teruko (Fish).jpg 2016 April Tulay and friend Simba.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialaxy Eclipse (Zephyr) (2).jpg 2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialaxy Eclipse (Zephyr.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Tycho (Zazu) & Sialay Eclipse (Sephyr) (3).jpg 2016 Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) & Abalendu (Milo) 7 months.jpg 2016 April - Neiren (now Humphrie)1.jpg 2016 April - Neiren (now Humphrie)2.jpg 2016 Neiren (now Humphrie) aged 9 months.jpg 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam & Alshain (Walter & Hank).jpg 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam & Alshain (Walter & Hank) 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam & Alshain (Walter & Hank)2.jpg 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam & Alshain (Walter & Hank) 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam (Walter).jpg 2016 Tonkyway Ainilam (Walter) 2016 Tonkyway Alshain (Hank).jpg 2016 Tonkyway Alshain (Hank) 2016 August - Sialaxy Senay (Hamish).jpg 2016 August - Sialaxy Senay (Hamish) Senay (Hamish) & Soleil (Edmund) Aug 2016.jpg Senay (Hamish) & Soleil (Edmund) Aug 2016 2016 Aug - Lily(Starlit).jpg 2016 Aug - Lily(Starlit) 2016 Aug - Neko, Clover, Lily.jpg 2016 Aug - Neko, Clover, Lily 2016 Aug - Neko. (Cymbaline)JPG.jpg 2016 Aug - Neko. (Cymbaline) 2016 Aug Tonkyway Tarika (Bliss) & Sialaxy Catcha Fallingstar (Blue) dob 22 May 16.jpg 2016 Aug Tonkyway Tarika (Bliss) & Sialaxy Catcha Fallingstar (Blue) dob 22 May 16 2016 Sept Sialaxy Brightstar (Itachi).jpg 2016 Sept Sialaxy Brightstar (Itachi) 2016 Sept Sialaxy Stardust & Brightstar (Kira & Itachi).jpg 2016 Sept Sialaxy Stardust & Brightstar (Kira & Itachi) 2016 Sept Sialaxy Stardust (now Kira).jpg 2016 Sept Sialaxy Stardust (now Kira) 2016 Sialaxy Brightstar & Stardust.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Brightstar & Stardust 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tycho & Eclipse (now Zazu & Zephyr) dob 4 Dec 13 (1).JPG 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tycho & Eclipse (now Zazu & Zephyr) dob 4 Dec 13 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tycho & Eclipse (Zazu & Zephur) dob 4.12.13.JPG 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tycho & Eclipse (Zazu & Zephur) dob 4.12.13 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tyho & Eclipse (now Zazu & Zephyr)dob 4 Dec 13.JPG 2016 Sept Sialaxy Tyho & Eclipse (now Zazu & Zephyr)dob  4 Dec 13 2016 Sept Sialaxys Tycho & Eclipse (Zazu & Sephyr) dob 4 Dec 13.JPG 2016 Sept Sialaxys Tycho & Eclipse (Zazu & Sephyr) dob 4 Dec 13 2016 Oct Tonkyway Shaula (Cassie) & Meteor (Kenny).jpg 2016 Oct Tonkyway Shaula (Cassie) & Meteor (Kenny) 2016 Oct Tonkyway Roksana (Nala) & Roo.jpg 2016 Oct Tonkyway Roksana (Nala) with Roo 2016 Oct Tonkyway Roksana (Nala) with Roo.jpg 2016 Oct Tonkyway Roksana (Nala) with Roo 2016 Sialaxy Almirfak & Hokulani -Darwin and Tesla.aged 2 yrs.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Almirfak & Hokulani -Darwin and Tesla.aged 2 yrs 2016 Sialaxy Almirfak -Darwin.jpg 2016 Sialaxy Almirfak -Darwin 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Sigma (now Rothco)_ Estrela (Boudicca) & Sialaxy Khalani (now Juno).jpg 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Sigma (now Rothco)_ Estrela (Boudicca) & Sialaxy Khalani (now Juno) 2016 Nov Simin & Xia 5 months old.jpg 2016 Nov Simin & Xia 5 months old 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) & Abalendu (Milo)dob 16.09.15.jpg 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) & Abalendu (Milo)dob 16.09.15 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) dob 16 Sept 15.jpg 2016 Nov - Tonkyway Kalypso (Monty) dob 16 Sept 15 2016 Nov Tonkyway Simin (Otis) & Xia born 15 Jun 16.jpg 2016 Nov Tonkyway Simin (Otis) & Xia born 15 Jun 16