I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

Dec 2013 Posted by Liz & Steve - Gloucester

SIRIUS (Siri) and Rastaban (now Percy) born April 2013

Everything is fine here. The kittens are doing really well. The are both big boys now, happy, healthy and full of beans. We cannot leave them unsupervised with the Christmas tree - they wreck it in next to no time, as you can imagine!

I've attached some photos for you to have a look at. There is one with Siri ontop of the door - he is after a tiny spider! Siri is still boss cat, although Percy can put up quite a fight too! Steve has managed to fence the garden off really well (only one escape via the apple tree so far - quickly retrieved!). They do spend a lot of time inside (don't think the weather encourages them outside much at the moment!).

They are both very big personalities in the house - regularly get ticked off for being destructive too! Siri is at his happiest when sharing a bed with the kids. Percy just likes getting into everything at every opportunity.

Dec 2013 Posted by Jo - Bristol

Tonkyway Caleano - dob 25 April 2013

Thought you may like to see what a beautiful boy Otto (Calaeno) has grown into as he approaches 8 months old. He really is a lovely affectionate, cuddly boy and likes nothing more than hanging around my neck with his front legs draped one side and his back legs the other. He has got a wonderful personality and is full of character, he gets on well with the dog but regularly reminds him that he is boss. After I lost my last Tonk after 15 years I couldn't imagine finding another cat that was as lovely as him. Otto is completely different, he is actually more cuddly but has quite an assertive streak and has been very successful at making himself centre of attention.

Dec 2013 Posted by Lyudmyla & John - Barry, Wales

SIALAXY LUNETTE - dob 6 August 2013

Just to let you know that Lunette is doing very well. She settled in her new home. She is very lovely and easy girl. She likes cuddling and enjoying our love. She is the best in the world for us. We just would like to say you thank you for giving us chance to have such a nice kitten... She is very good with her toilet and scratching post . There are a few her favourite places for sleeping around house. But she chooses to sleep with us in bedroom at nights. We do not have any problem with feeding her. She did not eat too much for the first couple days in new house but now her appetite is very good. Thank you Julie for our baby.. We wish you all the best in breeding ... A lot of success ... Many thanks

Dec 2013 Posted by Peter & Pauline - Gillingham Kent

TONKYWAY KARI - 20 August 2013

Only been home 10 days and made herself right at home!!

Oct 2013 Posted by Beth - Abergavenny

TONKYWAY AZHA & ALYA - dob 3 June 2013

Well not a week on and they are exploring confidently with Azha being the bolder of the two. They have progressed to exploring the kitchen, dining room (favourite room!) and bathroom but not yet made it upstairs. . . I don't expect it'll be long though! They are eating well and take great delight in pinching China's food too. They no longer hide when I am about and they have had lots of visitors and cuddles so getting better with strangers too! They are totally unbothered by the dogs. Thank you so much for letting me have them, they are such delights.

Aug 2013 Posted by Sandy & Kurt Philadelphia USA

SIALAXY REGULUS (now Prince William) stud boy for Sandy Engle (Sandypoints) in USA - 01/09/2012

William is the sweetest boy ever, I love him to death. He is now the proud father of a litter of four to my queen Katie. All the kittens are so cute, 3 boys and 1 girl.

Aug 2013 Posted by Elizabeth and Paul - Somerset

DARA (renamed Kenso dob 4/11/2012) & sister Mazu (renamed Coco)

I've attached a few snaps. Both are fine and continually keep us amused with their antics, none of which we manage to catch on film! like every cat, they know when you're attempting to take a photo and slope off as fast a they can!

They basicaly loved the heat although once or twice they got too much sun and I had to draw a blind to cool them off. The rather evil Coco did once try o push her brother out of the window on the first floor but I caught her at it and rescued him - we had hoped a fly screen would keep them safe while the window was open - we don't do that now and will make the next one a lot more sturdy!

Everyone eats well but relations between Tiggy, the cat we inherited from Paul's mum and the Siamese hasn't improved much. They tolerate each other and perhaps that is the best we're going to get!

They are very affectionate and sleep on our bed and spend evenings on our knees. Kenso is the more timid of the pair but he will investigate visitors once his sister Coca has tested the ground.But both of them seem to 'know' the cat people!

We love all three cats to bits though so I think everyone is happy!

Aug 2013 Posted by Anne & Keith - Reading

Chandra (now called Nimbus Dob 4/11/2012)

Chandra is doing really well and is now named Nimbus. He was neutered at 5 months. He is a terror with soft toys!! He steals quite large ones from my daughter and carries or drags them round the house with him! He also has a dog toy with a squeaker, which he was squeaking for ages in the night!! He gets on really well with the other cats and is really cuddly with us, especially my eldest son - Nimbus likes to curl up across his neck at night!

He is truly a delight, thank you for letting us have him.

Aug 2013 Posted by Christina - Somerset

Aldebaran (now Buzz dob 13/01/2013) & brother Sheratan (now Bolt)

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Here is a picture of the boys sun bathing with our Irish Terrier, Biscuit. They have now been neutered and they have also had their leukaemia injections so they are enjoying life outside. They are great fun and we love them to bits.

Aug 2013 Posted by Sheilagh - Ireland

Aditaya (now Archie dob 4/11/2012 & Pen-Chan (now Angus dob 4/11/2012)

At last are photos of the boys! Sorry about the delay (again) in sending these. Most of the photos are with the boys sleeping/ resting ...that seems to be the only time you can get a clear shot. Anyway hopefully you can see how lovely they look. The photos taken are from various dates from June onwards ( I lost all early photos in error). You can see they have made themselves very much at home. There are a couple of shots with Rory and Lulu's not hard to see from these how well they have bonded. It is such a relief and pleasure that they all get on so well. Rory definitely became the daddy as far as the boys were concerned, he looked out for them and cared for them almost from the day they arrived.

The boys are doing fine and are indeed big and still growing no doubt. Both boys are solid with well developed muscles. They are both doing really well and have developed strong personalities too. Adi (now called Archie) is a big eater, he is always mewing when you walk into the kitchen (I hasten to add he is fed well on fresh meat and Felix and there is always dry food down). You get lots of cuddles from Archie when he wants food - cupboard love! His confidence has improved enormously, especially in the last 2 months, you may remember he was a little nervous and hand shy. He now loves a good rub and there is a ritual with all four cats where they all congregate on the rug in our bedroom for rubs, cuddles and scenting ...they throw themselves down for a good scrub. This happens morning and night and at any interval they catch you in the bedroom. Pen Chan (Angus) is also doing very well. He is very sporty J He loves playing with the fishing rod (a homemade rod of paper and cling film tied to a length of string and rod suitably shredded by claws and resembling a bird in flight when switched back and forth). He will chase this morning, noon and night and all day if he could, he pesters you to play with him and he will bring the whole thing through the house or onto the bed for you to play with him ...he never tires of it. The others barley get a chance to catch it when he's around. He is very chatty too, you can hold a conversation with him ...he has a squeaky little voice that is just beginning to break.

They both adore Rory and Lulu, you will often find them cuddled up to one or the other. There was a period of suckling which has almost ceased now. They picked this up from Lulu, who I think was weaned too soon and still suckles at 3 yrs. The boys suckled either Rory or Lulu ..either didn't mind at all. They sometimes sleep with us, just depends on whether they have settled elsewhere when we go to bed, although I'll often wake up with one or both draped over my legs. They fly too ...four cats on the rampage at around 10pm is not unusual. It's the mad half hour when they all chase the others tails through the house, bouncing off the arm of your chair spring boarding onto a sofa stool enroute to a sofa on the other side of the room. It still takes you by surprise from time to time.

I've just had a quick peak on your website .....the best breeder website I've come across by the way for showing the kittens and providing useful info. The kitties look adorable as do your adults, they are a credit to you!

With kisses and cuddles from Archie and Angus.

July 2013 Posted by Christine - Dorset

Dione (dob 16/04/2012) & Phoenix (dob 7/6/2012)

Our cats Dione and Phoenix are both over a year old now and have developed their own personalities. Phoenix is the boss! She disappears for a lot of the day but comes home for a nap in the afternoon and is always around at feeding times. Phoenix is the hunter!

Dione likes to be around us and follows us about. They are both very loving and gentle with us and the grandchildren who are fascinated by them. Unfortunately they both like to get into cars so we have to be very careful as Dione got into the Tesco delivery truck, luckily I saw her jump out again.

They both love the dog and sometimes accompany us on our dog walks around the common, following behind and meowing all the way.

Apr 2013 Posted by Elizabeth - Somerset

DARA (renamed Kenso dob 4/11/2012) & sister Mazu (renamed Coco)

Since you last wrote, we've been attempting to get a photo of both kittens - isn't it hard? They so often look really cute, either seperately or when we haven't got a camera to hand or when the light is very bad. They are often very wicked kittens but the photos are blurred - for example, they treat the clothes dryer as a climbing frame but we just don't manage a cute photo.

I'll try & attach a couple of snaps anyway, I have just successfully moved them from phone to notebook pc so I might be able to attach them to this, who knows? But they are much bigger than they were and since Tiggi joined us Kenso really relishes his food . Tiggi is always asking for food & will try & steal anything she can so we have to feed the kittens & stand guard otherwise she'd starve them but Kenso often leaves her a little kitten food deliberately, with a kind of, 'I can't eat anymore, feel free!'

We renamed both kittens, The boy is Kenzo and the girl is Coco - both named after designers We're trying to rename Tiggi, I guess it will have to be Tigger because I think at approximately 7, she's used to her name! Mind you, I think I've always called her Tig They all play together now although they're not exactly the best of friends yet, but the kittens really liked Tig's toys when she arrived - so much better than anything I'd given them of course! Though this afternoon, everyone has been in the kitchen batting a toothbrush around & a pen top. What tremendous fun that was! And now they're all asleep so I took the chance to do this e-mail without the risk of a kitten typing with me.

The kittens now sleep with us - this is something I don't encourage at all but actually don't mind except they like to wake up a bit too early. But it was their choice to sleep on the bed and they do have the freedom of the house

I have to admit I am completely besotted with them!They are such characters! Kenzo is not such a bold character as his sister, she is always the first one to attempt some new task but she does like to know he is behind her for security - although they sometimes play very rough indeed. Although he hasn't said, I think Paul is as besotted as me - we do get so much pleasure from watching them tearing around the house, Coco is by far the best footballer of the two. Most evenings we have a kitten each on our laps. They like being brushed too. I know they are teething because I have found one tiny tooth so far and Coco really does like to chew my fingers, a habit I hope she loses!

They are both extremely confident kittens, as they are getting a little more mature, Kenzo already has a slightly darker coat than his sister now I'll attempt to attach a few bad photos!

Please feel free to put anything I've said on your website Julie, because I'd recommend you to anyone I knew who wanted to buy a kitten. I am delighted with my two!

Apr 2013 Posted by Saoirse & Kenny - Dundee

Titan (now Odin) 2013 First Birthday

As Odin (Titan)is 1 on Tuesday I thought it would be only appropriate to get in touch.

Odin is still a delight. He is spoilt rotten and is loved by everyone who meets him. He is affectionate to everyone who visits but especially ladies who seem to get the most cuddles and purrs.

He eats us out of house and home and is constantly up to mischief but I can't imagine life without my special boy.

He is still very much best friends with our labrador, Loki who he is able to outwit and takes great delight in doing so.

Apr 2013 Posted by Andrew & Jacqueline - Dorset

Tonkyway Asaro (renamed Oscar) dob: 12/08/2010

Sorry it has been such a long time but thought you might like to see some pictures of our Oscar (Asaro). He has turned out to be a wonderful cat and loving member of the family!!! He is extremely sociable and affectionate and is very much loved by everybody!!

Feb 2013 Posted by Rob & Annie - Dartmouth

Rah (Ara)

Rah (Ara) is a joy, so friendly and it's a pleasure to be his people. He can hunt in acres of fields and woodland and has become very successful. He sees other dogs off but is great friends with our two dogs. He accepted our new lurcher puppy Layla and amazingly enjoys playing with her. He races round the garden and escapes up trees and into giddy holes. He has been educating her!

He follows us into the field.

Rah as he has become known is a magic cat. Great hunter who will catch large rabbits, mice and squirrels (and a few birds) but he prefers to eat his catch and hides it from the puppy. Surprisingly he'll eat all of any rabbits he catches, just leaves a stain on the floor. Layla can scent his kill and is on the case but usually very little left, just a satisfied cat!

Rah is so confident that he has been exploring neighbours houses through cat flaps like a burglar in the night. All is forgiven and neighbours cat flaps now locked at night.

Feb 2013 Posted by Sam & Mar - Bristol

Tilly (Lyncis)

Tilly (Lyncis) is doing great she had her op on Friday and it didn't seem to faze her at all, we were desperately trying to stop her running and jumping as much as she was wanting to. Her and Leo (Silverstar) get on very well, she loves his tail and play fighting but equally will snuggle up for a cuddle and clean. It is lovely that they get on like this and are both such gorgeous cats we are very grateful to you.

Jan 2013 Posted by Jude - Somerset

LARISSA (now Crystal) & HALIMEDE (now Chaos)

They are thundering around the house like a herd of elephants. They have all joined forces: dog and the cats. The cats kept taking over poor little Amy's bed and she just looked embarrassed and hovered around until she was brave enough to sit on both the cats - who purred at her.

The boy has got so brave and relaxed. Definitely reversed roles: he couldn't be more confident - very calm. She is purry and sweet as well, it is just that she started off the braver of the two. I love them so much. They make me laugh all the time and encourage me to sit down and relax a lot more with both of them in my arms. They are great with the children. Thanks so much.