Kittens Expected Soon

I am expecting Kittens from the following Queens, please contact me if you would like to reserve or have your name added to the wait list.


Pandora & Comet - Born 6th November 2017. Four kittens, three female one Male. Could be Brown, Chocolat, Blue or Lilac, pointed or TCR coat patterns.
These kittens will be ready from early February 2018


Lucy & Galileo - Four kittens born 6th October 2017; first indication is that they are all male.

Sialaxy Isla Sunset & Flint: confirmed pregnant kittens ready from Mid October 2017
(Isla is owned by Judith Richards (Ambaseli)

Tillymia Sialaxy Selene & Flint: Pregnancy confirmed. Kittens will be due from 26th November 2017. Colours will be Seals & Blues.