Kittens Expected Soon

I am expecting Kittens from the following Queens, please contact me if you would like to reserve or have your name added to the wait list.


Tonkyway Talayeh & Comet Pregnancy confirmed, kittens due from 5th February 2018

Tonkyway Sitara & Comet. Eight kittens born 3rd March 2018; Five female & Three male; Kittens are Browns & Blues; CPP & TCR coat pattern with some Tabby. Ready from 5th June 2018


Neona & Galileo: Two Blue Point female and One Lilac Female; One Seal Point & One Lilac Point Male.
Kittens ready for adoption from beginning of May 2018

Taurina & Flint: Born 20 February, Four males and one Female. Kittens will be Seal & Blue Point

Arunika & Galileo: confirmed pregnant, kittens due from 5th March 2018. Kittens could be all four colours.

Xiao & Galileo: Born 10th March 2018; Seven kittens; Five male two female. Kittens could be any of the four original colours.

Sialaxy Ksora & Flint: Six kittens born 16 March 2018 - Three of each sex. Colours will be Seals & Blues.