Ch. PHABBAY GALACTIC COMET Chocolate CPP (carries Bl) TOS B 33


23 November 2016


Taleh Phabbay Tomasina (Tos j 32) Lilac Tortie TCR


Zephanco Dreamweaver (Tos b 33) Chocolate CPP


My grateful thanks to Wilma Morrison (Phabbay) for trusting me with this lovely boy. Comet has arrived and what a really lovely confident and friendly boy he is, a real credit to Wilma. He has been reared with lots of love and I am sure he is going to make a wonderful stud boy. It will not be long before he is chasing the girls. He is a well grown boy with lots of presence, confidence and an affectionate nature.

April 2017 - Comet ventured out to his first Show on the 22nd. The Asian Cat Association Show, held very locally to me is always a delight to attend whether showing or just visiting. This year for the first time I had a kitten of the right age to show in the Pedigree Pet Section - Comet. He was an absolute delight, behaving very confidently and charming the judges with his affectionate nature. He came away with all 1st Rosettes bar one 2nd. He will next be shown when he is an adult at a reasonably local show as he is extremely vocal in the car.