TONKYWAY CAPRICORNI (74atv) carries (Ch) Male


8 April 2013


Tonkyway Venus (74av)


Amorcatz Rafa Nadal (74nt)

One of seven and only just marginally larger than his brothers Capricorni (Capri for short) is a lovely soft, sweet natured boy that purrs on contact. He is very gentle and affectionate as well as being extremely well grown. His playmate Chertan is always the instigator in any naughtiness, he just looks up with those innocent blue eyes of his as if to say "it wasn't my doing mum". Capri has been shown successfully at five months old, and as is his nature he took it all in his stride. He will be mated with Aurora when he is mature enough and being a pointed coat pattern all the kittens from this mating will be pointed too; Capri will only be kept for a limited time as a stud boy.