LINTAMA POSEIDON (Mr. Bubs) (32 1)


25 Feb 2011


Lintama Evangelina (32 1)


Lintama Chanson Damour (24a)

Firstly I must thank Lesley for entrusting me with one of her beutiful traditional Siamese. Mr Bubs has been an absolute delight since his arrival at the end of May 2011. Suffolk was a long way to go but I was not disappointed when I met both Leslie and Poseidon. He is very confident and outgoing but at the same time extremely affectionate - always purring and wanting a cuddle. With bright blue eyes he is a real charmer.He never causes an argument and from the moment he arrived it's been like he belonged here.

I renamed him Mr Bubs as he is very like my original Siamese "Bubbles". At the moment he is growing rapidly and although he has a good appetite he is all lanky and leggy, his tabby markings will develop more as he matures. His looks and personality are exactly what i want for both my Siamese and Tonkinese Bloodlines. Mr. Bubs has matured into a lovely tall boy, he is extremely affectionate and gentle.

Mr. Bubs has fathered two litters of beautiful/handsome kittens, many of them real "chip of the old block. Due to insufficient girlfriends and his highly sociable nature Mr. Bubs has now been retired and was neutered in February 2013. He has now found a really lovely home with Trish, I am sure that he is going to be the most spoilt of cats and once he has settled Trish has promised to send me some photos which I will share with you all as he has always attracted the most attention from visitors. Thank you Trish for offering your home to my darling boy.