Bodi of Willowriver (SIA n)


13 April 2017


Vadhana Dtualek of Blizzardthaicat


Vadhana Keegan of Blizzardthaicat


Bodi is a lovely Old Style Siamese boy whose ancestry is entirely from the Native Siamese/Thai cat. He was bred in the USA by Donna Blizzard but came to us via Ann Sykora (Willowriver cats). Bodi is jointly owned by myself and Cynthia Hopper (Wicca cats) and we are extremely grateful to Ann for allowing us to have this lovely boy who is bringing a whole new set of genetics to our Old Style Siamese. At present Bodi resides with Cynthia and he is available to suitable tested females. He is already a proud dad of several litters. All his kittens will be Seal Point as he does not carry the dilute gene. He is PRA negative.