30 March 2014


Tonkyway Venus


Tonkyway Chertan


Aquilae (Pet name Leah), is a beautiful Blue Tabby Pointed fourth generation Tonkinese. Like her mother and siblings she has real presence, confidence and attitude. Leah is an extremely affectionate young lady who adores her personal slave - Ricky.

Leah was adopted as a kitten by Ricky and Lesley Haughton who live locally. Experienced dog breeders their lives are now dominated by the Leah, and with a bit of mentoring from myself have branched out into the feline breeding world and will, hopefully, shortly have their own GCCF Prefix - "Tinkytonks".

At 18 months of age Leah came to visit with Titan and the result of that meeting is a beautiful litter of seven kittens born on 4th December. Leah insisted giving birth to all of her kittens on Ricky's lap. She had no delivery problems and happily settled down in the birthing box with them all once finished. She is a natural mum being very caring and protective of her new babies, she eats well and has lots of milk.