21 August 2009


Sandypoints Maylee - Chocolate Point Siamese


Archenland King Cor - Seal Point Siamese


Sandy Engle (Sandypoints Cattery, USA) has very generously offered this lovely proven Old Style Siamese/Thai Stud boy to my friend Cynthia (Wiccacats) and myself so that we can introduce new bloodlines to both our catteries and to other Preossia and Old Style Cat Club members. Alexi is currently registered as a "Thai" with TICA but we will also be registering him with the GCCF as a Siamese. Alexi has some very old bloodlines and is a lovely solid boy of very good type. The photo does not show his eye colour to the best advantage but he does have really deep sapphire blue eyes. He has been shown very successfully with TICA and is a Grand Champion. Alexi is due to arrive in UK 16 April 2012. Initially he will reside with Cynthia in Kent and will be available to a limited number of registered, approved and tested Old Style Siamese (Thai) queens from outside of our own catteries.