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Tonkinese & Old Style Siamese (Thai) Cats

Wishing all Tonkyway & Sialaxy felines & families a Very Happy New Year!



"Dogs have owners, Cats have Servants"

This saying is very true, once you adopt one of these delightful breeds you are in for a lifetime of slavery of the nicest kind. These two breeds complement each other and indeed without the Siamese we would not have the Tonkinese.

My main aim when breeding these two breeds is to produce felines that are true to type (Breed Standard) both in confirmation and temperament. Felines that are muscular and athletic with healthy constitutions and that are long-lived. Felines that have strong characters, are confident, playful, affectionate and loyal. Felines that are lifetime companions, friends and loving family members.

Please explore the menu items at the top of the page where you will find more information about each breed as well as seeing pictures of my ever expanding family.

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Recent News & Updates

9th December 2017 - TBC Show & National Cat Club Show, Bracknell. A really lovely day out with a super atmosphere in the hall and lovely rosettes. Zohreh achieved BOB in the National and gained a cc in both certificates so can now be made up to GR.CH. Comet gained BOB in the TBC Show and also a cc in both shows so is now well on the way to getting his Grand title. Comet was very relaxed and enjoyed all the fuss and attention. Other Tonkyway cats being shown were IGRCH Tonkyway IO who got Best of Variety in the National; and Tonkyway Tarendra (Shenandoah kitten) who was in his first ever show.

October 2017 - Fake Vet Convicted. A few months ago it was brought to my attention that the person responsible for the death of my founder queen "Venus" was in fact not a qualified vet but man with no qualifications who had used the identity of a properly qualified vet to obtain employment. This man whose real name is Patrick Keniry has been committing this type of offence since 1986 and has been convicted four times & served custodial sentences. He joined my local vet practice as a locum in February 2015 and was responsible for the death of Venus in June of that year. His deception was not discovered until May of 2017 and he has now been convicted and awaiting sentencing on October 2017. I hope he gets a very long custodial sentence for all the suffering and heart-ache he has caused both animals and their owners. A copy of the news article along with photo can be seen if you click here

23 September 2017 - South Western Counties CC Show - Taunton. Really pleased to be able to attend this show again and most especially because it is on my doorstep. Comet had another good day and received his third cc so can now be made up to Champion. Zohreh had some still competition so unfortunately cannot add any more cc's towards her Grand title.

2 September 2017 - Wyvern Cat Club & Tonkinese Cat Club Shows at Worcester. A very busy day as I took five cats (one on exhibition); Comet was definitely the star having a 'red rosette' day and getting Best of Breed and two cc's towards his Champion title; he was extremely well behaved and 'chilled out', this being his first show as an Adult and only just nine months of age. Zohreh also had a good day gaining her first Grand cc's, disappointing that one was withheld due to a question over her colour (Blue v Caramel). Columbae, as a Senior but very inexperienced at showing was successful in gaining her third cc so can now be made up to Champion. Eleana, only entered in the one show also behaved really well but had some very stiff competition, it was a new experience for her and I was delighted with her attitude.On exhibition only was my new First Generation stud boy Tonkyway Dark Tenousei, he too behaved extremely well.

April 2017 - Comet ventured out to his first Show on the 22nd. The Asian Cat Association Show, held very locally to me is always a delight to attend whether showing or just visiting. This year for the first time I had a kitten of the right age to show in the Pedigree Pet Section - Comet. He was an absolute delight, behaving very confidently and charming the judges with his affectionate nature. He came away with all 1st Rosettes bar one 2nd. He will next be shown when he is an adult at a reasonably local show as he is extremely vocal in the car.

February 2017 - Tonkyway are proud to announce the arrival of a new stud boy - Phabbay Galactic Comet, he is a sweet natured, affectionate Chocolate CPP (carries Bl); my grateful thanks to Wilma Morrison for breeding such a well adjusted and beautiful boy.

Show update: 22 October 2016 - Supreme Show, Birmingham. TONKYWAY IO, gained her Imperial Certificates and is now IMP.GR.CH. many congratulations to Natalie of Titantonks for their success. IO has achieved this new title in the space of one year. I wish them both every success in the Olympian and UK Grand Title Certificates. I am very proud that one of kittens from my founder queen Venus has done so well. Venus's kitten "My Zohreh", from her last litter, and also "Columbae" are just starting on their show career paths having both had litters this summer.

Show update: 10 December 2016 - TBC Show and National Show. A good day out for the Tonkyway cats. Columbae achieved two "ccs" as she was entered in both shows. Zohreh gained her third cc so is now made up to Champion; One of Columbus kittens was shown and got First and Best of Breed in her class.